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Main Campus
2008 Nitschke Hall
Mail Stop 308
2801 W. Bancroft St.
Toledo, OH 43606-3390
Phone: (419) 530-8140
Fax: (419) 530-8146

Faculty at LCCC

Carvalho, Jackson, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor

Research Areas: Document Processing, Human-Computer Interaction and User Modeling
Room: NI 2026, UC 111A Phone: (419) 530-8173 (UT), (440) 366-4828 (LCCC)
Email: jwmcarvalho@gmail.com

Kang, Weng - Ph.D. - Associate Professor

Research Areas: Communications, Signal Processing, Electromagnetic
Room: LCCC-UC 112C Phone: (440) 366-4340
Email: weng.kang@utoledo.edu

Nowlin, Brent - Visiting Assistant Professor

Research Areas: Automated Control Systems, Electronic Hardware, Data Acquisition and Control, Motion Control
Room: LCCC-UC 122A Phone: (440) 366-4336
Email: brent.nowlin@utoledo.edu

Thomas, Lawrence - Ph.D. - Assistant Professor

Research Areas: Software Engineering, Software Metrics, Software Quality and Reliability
Room: LCCC-UC 110E Phone: (440) 366-4341
Email: Larry.Thomas@utoledo.edu

Last Updated: 4/30/18