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Dr. Ahmad Y. Javaid


Assistant Professor

Contact Information

EECS Department
The University of Toledo
Toledo,OH 43606 
Tel: (419) 530-8260 
Office: NI 2051 
E-mail: ahmad.javaid@utoledo.edu 

Recent Courses

  • EECS 4980 – Fundamentals of Cyber-Security

Research Interests

  • Cyber Security and Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Wireless Sensor, Mobile and Computer Networks
  • Data Mining/Analytics
  • Computational Intelligence
  • Image Processing

Current Students

  • PhD (Co-advised): Quamar Niyaz, Praveen Damacharla


Ahmad Y Javaid received his Ph.D. degree from The University of Toledo in 2015 along with the prestigious University Fellowship Award. He received his Bachelors degree in Computer Engineering from Aligarh Muslim University, India in 2008. He joined the EECS Department as an Assistant Professor in Fall 2015. Previously, he has worked for one year as an Application Developer in CSC India Pvt. Ltd. and two years as a Scientist Fellow in CSIR, Ministry of S&T, Government of India. His research expertise lies in the area of Cyber Security, Computer Networks, Computational Intelligence, and Image Processing. Currently, he is working in the area of cyber security of various cyber-physical systems, including UAV networks

Journal Publications

  • Ahmad Y. Javaid, Farha Jahan, Weiqing Sun and Mansoor Alam, "GPS Spoofing and GPS Jamming attack impact analysis on Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Navigation", In SIMULATION: Transactions of The International Society for Modeling and Simulation (Submitted)
  • Farha Jahan, Ahmad Y. Javaid, Weiqing Sun and Mansoor Alam, "GNSSim: An open source GNSS/GPS framework for Unmanned Aerial Vehicular Network Simulation", In EAI Endorsed Transactions on Mobile Communication and Applications. Vol. 2, Issue 6, pp 1-13, 2015
  • Ahmad Y. Javaid, Weiqing Sun, and Mansoor Alam. "Single and Multiple UAV Cyber-Attack Simulation and Performance Evaluation." In EAI Endorsed Transactions on Scalable Information Systems, Vol. 2 Issue 4, pp 1-11, 2015
  • Kaveh Ahmadi, Ahmad Y. Javaid and Ezzatollah Salari. "An Efficient Compression Scheme based on Adaptive Thresholding in Wavelet Domain Using Particle Swarm Optimization." In Signal Processing: Image Communication, Vol. 32, pp 33-39, 2015
  • Ahmad Javaid, Weiqing Sun, and Mansoor Alam. "UAVNet Simulation in UAVSim: A Performance Evaluation and Enhancement." In Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering, Vol. 137, pp. 107-115, Springer International Publishing, 2014
  • Mohammed A. Qadeer, Shahid Habib, and Ahmad Y. Javaid. "Apportioning Bandwidth to Clients as per Privileges. n International Journal of Future Generation Communication and Networking, 2008, Vol. 2: 55-68
  • Mohammed A. Qadeer, Shahid Habib, and Ahmad Y. Javaid. "Dynamic Resource Allocation for providing Quality of Service" In International Journal of Information Processing, 2009, Vol. 3 Issue 4, pp 84-96

Conference Publications

  • Ahmad Karimi, Quamar Niyaz, Weiqing Sun, Ahmad Javaid, and Vijay Devabhaktuni, "Distributed Network Traffic Feature Extraction for a Real-time IDS", In IEEE International Conference on Electro/Information Technology (EIT), Grand Forks, North Dakota, USA, 2016 (Accepted)
  • Hailu Xu, Weiqing Sun, and Ahmad Javaid, "Efficient Spam Detection across Online Social Networks." In IEEE International Conference on Big Data Analysis (ICBDA), 2016
  • Quamar Niyaz, Weiqing Sun, Ahmad Javaid, and Mansoor Alam, "A Deep Learning Approach for Network Intrusion Detection System." In Proceedings of 9th EAI International Conference on Bio-inspired Information and Communications Technologies (BICT), 2015
  • Junghwan Kim, Quamar Niyaz, and Ahmad Y. Javaid, "Performance evaluation of VoIP broadcasting over LTE for varying speeds and distances of mobile nodes." In Broadband Multimedia Systems and Broadcasting (BMSB), 2014 IEEE International Symposium on, pp. 1-5. IEEE, 2014
  • Ahmad Y. Javaid, Weiqing Sun, and Mansoor Alam, "UAVSim: A simulation testbed for unmanned aerial vehicle network cyber security analysis." In Globecom Workshops (GC Wkshps), 2013 IEEE, pp. 1432-1436
  • Ahmad Y. Javaid, Weiqing Sun, Vijay K. Devabhaktuni, and Mansoor Alam, "Cyber security threat analysis and modeling of an unmanned aerial vehicle system." In Homeland Security (HST), 2012 IEEE Conference on Technologies for, pp. 585-590. IEEE, 2012
  • Mohammed Abdul Qadeer, S. Habib, Ahmad Y. Javaid, and M. A. Hafeez, "A novel approach for resource allocation in broadband access networks." In Proceedings of the International Conference and Workshop on Emerging Trends in Technology, pp. 268-272. ACM, 2010
  • Shahid Habib, Mohammed A. Qadeer, and Ahmad Y. Javaid, "Authentication Based QoS Using Bandwidth Limitation." In Computer Science and its Applications, 2008. CSA'08. International Symposium on, pp. 7-12
  • Mohammed A. Qadeer, Shahid Habib, and Ahmad Y. Javaid, "Differential allocation of Bandwidth to services based on priority." In Internet, 2008. ICI 2008. 4th IEEE/IFIP International Conference on, pp. 1-5. IEEE, 2008
  • Mohammed A. Qadeer, Shahid Habib, and Ahmad Y. Javaid, "Bandwidth management using weighted fair queuing." In Proceedings of the 2008 International Conference on Advanced Infocomm Technology, p. 37
  • Ahmad Y. Javaid, M. Inamullah, M. Naqvi, and M. S. Umar, "Feature Extraction through Edge Detection for Face Recognition." In Proceeding of National Conference on Modern Trends in Electronics and Communication Systems (MTECS-2008), Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India, 2008

Poster Publications

  • Praveen Damacharla, Ahmad Y. Javaid, and Vijay K. Devabhaktuni, "Human Machine Team (HMT) Architecture Design for Live Virtual Constructive (LVC) Environment Towards Training Medical First Responders", at Air Force Research Laboratory's Safe & Secure Systems and Software Symposium (S5), 12-14 July 2016, Dayton, Ohio


  • 2016-2018 - Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) Grant: "EpEx: Episodic Memory Reconstruction for UAS Behavior Explanation", $300K sub-contract. Total project award is $1.2M including university/industry partners. PIs: Dr. Vijay Devabhaktuni, Dr. Ahmad Javaid, and Dr. Devinder Kaur
  • 2016-2018 - Ohio Federal Research Network (OFRN) Award: "Improving Healthcare Training & Decision Making through the Live, Virtual, and Constructive (LVC) Enterprise", ranked #3 among OFRN Round 1 proposals across Ohio. $135K contract. Total project award is $655K including university/industry partners. PIs: Dr. Ahmad Javaid, and Dr. Vijay Devabhaktuni
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