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Faculty and Staff

Dr. Lawrence            DR. JOSEPH G. LAWRENCE
            Director, Polymer Institute and Research Professor, CHE         

            Phone: (419) 530-6080
            Email: joseph.lawrence@utoledo.edu

Dr. Coleman

           DR. MARIA R. COLEMAN          
           Associate Director, Polymer Institute and Professor, CHE

           Phone: (419) 530-8091         
           Email: maria.coleman6@utoledo.edu

Dr. Jabarin

           DR. SALEH A. JABARIN            
           Distinguished  University Professor and Professor Emeritus,
           Founder Polymer Institute

           Phone: (419) 530-5005        
           Email: saleh.jabarin@utoledo.edu


           DR. Onekyun Choi            
           Analytical Chemist,

           Phone: 419-530-5000        
           Email: onekyun.choi@utoledo.edu


Mr. John Hana
Research Assistant
Email: john.hana@rockets.utoledo.edu
Mr. Jonathon Harger
Research Assistant
Email: jonathon.harger@rockets.utoledo.edu


Ph.D. and M.S. Candidates


  • Anup Joshi (Ph.D.)
  • Chinedu Okeke (Ph.D.)
  • Keerthi Vinnakota (M.S.)
  • Niloofar Alipoursiabi (Ph.D.)
  • Parth Patel (M.S.)
  • Ananya Das (M.S.)
  • Ebuka Ogbuoji (Ph.D.)

Contact Us

For any inquiry related to projects, testing and the PET Consortium at the Polymer Institute, please contact:

Dr. Joseph Lawrence
(419) 530-6080


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