Polymer Institute


The Polymer Institute in the College of Engineering at the University of Toledo is a plastics application center designed to provide industrial support through contract research and development activities. The Institute serves as a Center for Research and Development in polymers and plastics technology as well as an education and industrial training center for Polymer Science and Engineering.  



Industry sponsored research has been conducted in fields of renewable polyesters, barrier materials for packaging polymers, recycling of plastics and additive manufacturing (3D printing). All contract work is carried out by a full-time research personnel. Learn more



Our broad range of facilities include processing, permeation, mechanical testing, rheology, optical, electron microscopy, spectroscopy and thermal analysis equipment. Learn more


Graduate Program

Polymer Institute graduate students from the Chemical Engineering department pursue either a Master's degree in Chemical Engineering or a PhD in Engineering. Learn more

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A Short History

Established by Dr. Saleh A. Jabarin in 1987, the Polymer Institute was intended to serve as a center for research and development in polymers and plastics technology, as well as an education and industrial training center for polymer science and engineering. Seven years later, the PET/Polyester Industrial Consortium was founded with the aim of discovering new applications, processing and property improvements for polyester materials. Since 1994, membership in the consortium has included 23 national and international corporations and research has been done on interrelationships among material properties, fabrication processes and end use performance. In addition to the work done within the Consortium, topics including properties, structure, processing and product application have been explored by the over 70 M.S. and PhD students whom have since graduated and found great success in the plastics and chemical fields. Since 2014, the Polymer Institute has been directed by Dr. Joseph G. Lawrence.

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Last Updated: 10/6/20