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Congratulations, 2024 Graduates

We’re proud to celebrate the 201 graduating students from the College of Engineering at The University of Toledo’s Spring 2024 Commencement. Congratulations on your achievements and go Rockets!

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UToledo — one of Ohio's top engineering programs

Earn a patent, start a business, conduct research — as an undergraduate.

Our College of Engineering stands out from other universities. We are one of only eight programs in the U.S. that requires co-ops for engineering science undergraduates. Our students graduate with a year’s worth of paid industry experience. Many find jobs before they graduate.

We also offer traditional engineering master’s degree and Ph.D. programs, as well as graduate certificates and a part-time online master’s program for working professionals.

At UToledo, you’re directly admitted to your engineering major. No weeding out. No pre-engineering. You’ll start engineering classes and design work your freshman year. Our focus is on experiential education and entrepreneurship. We prepare you to be a practicing engineer and leader in the field.

Find out Why UToledo Engineering is right for you and why accreditation is important.

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Ready to Launch?

$0 debt
88% of Fall 2022 graduates

Top 2
among all Ohio public universities for starting salaries 
* US Dept of Labor

1 year
of paid work experience when you graduate

1 of 8
universities in the nation with an integrated paid co-op program

Experiential Learning

You learn best by doing. That’s why we require three co-ops. You’ll also sharpen your skills and apply your classroom knowledge with freshman and senior design experiences and through our engineering student organizations. All of this hands-on experience gives you an advantage over other job applicants when you’re ready to launch your career.

Co-ops and Careers

World-class research

There aren’t many universities where you can work on research starting your freshman year. Our renowned engineering faculty welcome undergraduate and graduate students into their labs. Their cutting-edge research in areas from sustainable energy to cybersecurity makes an impact in Toledo and throughout the world.




Meet Elise Essenmacher

“I didn't feel like just a ‘statistic,’ as is often the case in larger research institutions, and I saw the way that UToledo's faculty and staff were actively involved in helping students achieve their academic and personal goals. The unique co-op program was also a big factor, as I believe that the real-world engineering experience I gain while on co-op will be invaluable heading into an engineering career.”

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Meet José Carlos Arnal de la Peña

“I decided to attend the College of Engineering at The University of Toledo because of the co-op program, since it would give me the opportunity to get experience while financially helping make this dream of mine possible. I could have never done college in the United States if it wasn’t for the co-op program.”

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Meet Skylar Parker

“Due to the requirement of at least three co-ops/internships, I knew I would graduate with at least a year's worth of job experience. Throughout my time here, I was able to take advantage of the co-op program by completing five internships with Marathon Petroleum.”

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Meet Payton Kamer

“Students considering becoming a Rocket Engineer should know that no matter your interests, there are opportunities for you to find community and grow as an engineer at UToledo.”

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Meet Lisa Kaiser

“Not only does UToledo's engineering program give you field experience that sets you apart from graduates of other schools, but their medical program allows a fast track into medical school. They also offered generous scholarships that helped make me feel welcome even though I was coming from a different state.”

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Meet Pete Rocco

“UToledo, including the College of Engineering, truly prepares students for success in the world. The lessons you learn and the guidance you receive from your mentors are paramount, and UToledo and the College of Engineering are among the best regarding this.”

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Meet Madison Giglio

"The faculty at the College of Engineering really want you to succeed, and the co-op program really sets you up for success in the future."

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Meet Nash Benton

“UToledo really helped me mature into the young professional that I am today, who is more capable of implementing the grand dreams that I created all of those years ago.”

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Meet Katelyn Nadeau

"From the long nights spent studying to quality time spent with friends at the games, I wouldn’t ask for my college experience to be any different."

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Meet Grant Epstein

"The co-op program allowed me to learn about what I like doing and, more importantly, what I don't like doing. This allowed me to pick jobs that pique my interest."

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Meet Grace Snider

"GEARSET was a great opportunity for me to achieve a degree in engineering even though I wasn't directly accepted into engineering. It allows students who didn't directly make it into the college of engineering to prepare for admittance into the College of Engineering a semester after you start school."

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Meet Branigan Lyczkowski

“There are so many people who have helped me throughout these past 4 1/2 years grow to become a well-rounded leader, engineer and student, but Dean Toole and Dr. Pawlecki have been influential mentors for me at UToledo. They continuously presented me with opportunities that allowed me to develop myself and achieve my goals. They have always been there to answer my questions, connect me with any and all necessary resources and send positive encouragement."

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Meet Dalton Mitchey

“UToledo has fostered my pathway to medical school by providing me opportunities I never knew anything about coming into college. The student-faculty relationships and seemingly limitless opportunities available once you do the digging are two things that make me so glad to have chosen UToledo.”

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Meet Dakota, Drew, and Dillon Tocco

"The engineering program at the school is unmatched. The co-op program not only prepares you for full-time employment but increases your chances of being hired right out of school. Professors like Dr. (Raghav) Khanna, Dr. (Roger) King, and Dr. (William) Evans have also had a great impact on my career and success at The University of Toledo."

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Meet Wendy Carr

"I’m not sure what life is going to look like after graduation, but I’ve made it through the last five years. It wasn’t always graceful, it was mostly hard and messy and painful, but I don’t shake through tests anymore. I think I’m ready for anything likely to come next."

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