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UToledo — one of Ohio's top engineering programs

Earn a patent, start a business, conduct research — as an undergraduate.

Our College of Engineering stands out from other universities. We are one of only eight programs in the U.S. that requires co-ops for engineering science undergraduates. Our students graduate with a year’s worth of paid industry experience. Many find jobs before they graduate.

All of our bachelor's degrees are accredited by ABET. We also offer traditional engineering master’s degree and Ph.D. programs, as well as graduate certificates and a part-time online master’s program for working professionals.

At UToledo, you’re directly admitted to your engineering major. No weeding out. No pre-engineering. You’ll start engineering classes and design work your freshman year. Our focus is on experiential education and entrepreneurship. We prepare you to be a practicing engineer and leader in the field.

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Experiential Learning

You learn best by doing. That’s why we require three co-ops. You’ll also sharpen your skills and apply your classroom knowledge with freshman and senior design experiences and through our engineering student organizations. All of this hands-on experience gives you an advantage over other job applicants when you’re ready to launch your career.

Co-ops and Careers

World-class research

There aren’t many universities where you can work on research starting your freshman year. Our renowned engineering faculty welcome undergraduate and graduate students into their labs. Their cutting-edge research in areas from sustainable energy to cybersecurity makes an impact in Toledo and throughout the world.



Meet Stephanie Hill

"I always loved to build things, and after I learned about the different majors offered at UToledo during my tour of the engineering college, I was able to decide that Construction Engineering was right for me. I applied to a lot of other colleges just to see what else was out there, but The University of Toledo just felt right. The University of Toledo also helped to prepare me not only with the knowledge to calculate specific formulas, but also to do well in the workforce.”

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Meet Jalane and her brothers, Robera and Roba

"CISP provides so many resources starting with Orientation Week. It also felt so good to be welcomed into homes as part of the Toledo International Hospitality Program, which matches international students with families from the community. I was connected to two families and still stay in contact with them now four years later. One of the women had actually adopted a child from Ethiopia and cooked Ethiopian food for me."

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Meet Breanne Crockett

Class of 2021, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering

“If I had limited myself to what I was familiar with, I would have never applied for a research internship at Oak Ridge National Lab, or planned to pursue a Ph.D., or even attended UToledo. The decisions that took me beyond my comfort zone turned out to be the most important.”

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Meet Ben Wolak

Class of 2021, Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

“I'm very proud of building a diverse and well-rounded education during my time at The University of Toledo College of Engineering.”

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Meet Kayla Chapman

Class of 2021, Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering

“I have developed great perseverance, determination and time management skills to strive to be the best engineering student I can be, as well as a different perspective on teamwork and leadership. I am extremely grateful for my experiences as a rocket student-athlete.”

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Meet Heritage Adeagbo

Class of 2021, Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

“My early semesters with Engineers Without Borders gave me the opportunity to participate in Clean Your Streams, which is an event to pick up litter and trash on stream banks in Lucas County. And my later semesters with the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) gave me the opportunity to volunteer with Cherry Street Mission and Toledo Food Bank.”

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