College of Engineering Office of Undergraduate Studies

Student organizations

The student sections of professional societies help provide our students with the opportunity to get more involved with their selected profession. This involvement includes networking, engaging with engineers who are currently employed, and meeting other engineering students. We encourage all our UT engineering students to participate in at least one professional society. 

Engineering Societies

Societies open to all engineering students regardless of major:

Professional Societies

Students wishing to enhance their educational experience may consider participating in a student organization directly related to their major. The student chapters of professional societies open to students in specific areas of engineering include:

Honor Societies

The following honor societies are open to Engineering students in recognition of high scholarly attainment and outstanding achievement in the areas indicated:

Engineering Student Travel Awards

The University of Toledo College of Engineering recognizes the important role attendance at professional conferences can play in the scholarly growth and career advancement of our students.  The College makes available a limited pool of funds to both undergraduate and graduate engineering students. Students may not receive more than one award per academic year.

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Last Updated: 2/12/24