Civil and Environmental Engineering


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Mission Statement                                                   

As a department that celebrates human diversity, we advance civil engineering knowledge, solutions, and practices through research and education of civil engineers who...  

  • have a balanced, integrated, and state-of-the-art education 
  • are creative, independent,  and practical thinkers
  • are world-class leaders, designers, and entrepreneurs.


August 2019: Dr. Eddie Chou received a new grant to perform transportation asset management research. The Ohio Department of Transportation and U.S. Department of Transportation awarded $250,000 to the University of Toledo after a competitive selection. Dr. Eddie Chou and his research team will help ODOT improve highway safety through transportation asset management research and analysis. 

"World Biodiesel Policies and Production- By Ashok Kumar, Professor and Chair

UToledo Research Links Fracking to Higher Radon Levels in Ohio Homes    
By Ashok Kumar, Professor and Chair

Last Updated: 1/9/20