Engineering Co-ops and Careers

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average 2023 annual full-time starting salary for UToledo engineering graduates

Our integrated co-op program makes UToledo stand out from other universities. We are one of just eight engineering colleges to require these paid work experiences for engineering science students. And that's a huge plus for you ― financially and career-wise.

Our Shah Center for Engineering Career Development ― an invaluable resource ― helps you prepare for and find co-ops.

NOTE: Co-ops are optional for engineering technology students, who can:

  • Commit to three co-ops and follow the same path as engineering science students, earning credit for co-ops.
  • Choose to do non-credit internships or co-ops during the summer or at other times.


How does the UToledo co-op program work?

  • Complete three semester-long, paid co-ops. Two of your co-ops are with the same employer. Research co-ops also are available.
  • Spend one semester on co-op and the next on campus, starting sophomore year. Co-ops are integrated into your curriculum ― unlike at some other schools. That means that we build them into your plan of study. You'll have access to all the classes you need to graduate on time.
  • Take one of two co-op tracks ― A or B. One track starts spring semester, sophomore year; the other starts in the summer.
  • Graduate with a full year of work experience. Find out what you like or don't like about a job before committing.
  • Earn enough money to pay for your next semester's tuition. All co-ops are paid.
  • Graduate with minimal ― or no ― debt.

International students: Since co-ops are a required part of our curriculum and are considered a class, you will be eligible to work. Your co-op director will explain what actions you need to take in preparation for co-ops.

Preparing for Co-ops

While you are ultimately responsible for finding your own co-op, we offer plenty of help as you prepare and look for a position.

  • Shah Center for Engineering Career Development
    • Mock interviews with staff and corporate partners
    • Resume prep
    • Visits to local companies to learn about engineering
  • Co-op directors in every department
    • Engage with you starting at freshman orientation
    • Teach professional development
    • Help with co-op searches
    • Act as liaison (if necessary) between you and co-op employers
  • Two annual career fairs — Hundreds of top industry employers recruit for full-time and co-op positions every spring and fall.
    • Become a career ambassador your freshman year. Help students and employers attending the Career EXPO ― a great chance to interact with possible future employers.

Median Hourly Co-op Salaries for Engineering Science Programs

Bioengineering $20.70
Chemical Engineering $25.26
Civil Engineering $18.93
Computer Science and Engineering $22.25
Electrical Engineering $22.02
Environmental Engineering $18.90
Mechanical Engineering $22.33

Median Hourly Co-op Salaries for Engineering Technology Programs

Construction Engineering Tech $18.75
Computer Science and Engineering Tech $21.65
Electrical Engineering Tech $21.25
Mechanical Engineering Tech $23.35
Information Tech $18.68

Co-op FAQ Career EXPOCo-op Program Guide for Success

What can I expect from my co-op?


Meet Elise Essenmacher

“I didn't feel like just a ‘statistic,’ as is often the case in larger research institutions, and I saw the way that UToledo's faculty and staff were actively involved in helping students achieve their academic and personal goals. The unique co-op program was also a big factor, as I believe that the real-world engineering experience I gain while on co-op will be invaluable heading into an engineering career.”

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Meet José Carlos Arnal de la Peña

“I decided to attend the College of Engineering at The University of Toledo because of the co-op program, since it would give me the opportunity to get experience while financially helping make this dream of mine possible. I could have never done college in the United States if it wasn’t for the co-op program.”

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Meet Skylar Parker

“Due to the requirement of at least three co-ops/internships, I knew I would graduate with at least a year's worth of job experience. Throughout my time here, I was able to take advantage of the co-op program by completing five internships with Marathon Petroleum.”

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Meet Dakota, Drew, and Dillon Tocco

"The engineering program at the school is unmatched. The co-op program not only prepares you for full-time employment but increases your chances of being hired right out of school. Professors like Dr. (Raghav) Khanna, Dr. (Roger) King, and Dr. (William) Evans have also had a great impact on my career and success at The University of Toledo."

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My Engineering Career Prospects

employers at two on-campus job fairs

on-campus interviews

companies conducted on-campus interviews

At UToledo, you'll learn all the technical skills you'll need to succeed in an engineering career. You'll also gain the soft skills that will set you apart — communication, teamwork, how to juggle multiple tasks and more.

The experience you gain on co-op will differentiate you from other job candidates. Many of our students find permanent jobs even before graduation — often with their co-op employers.

The Shah Center helps current students and alumni with job searches.

Check out the Occupational Outlook Handbook for information on salaries, job growth and more for various engineering careers.


Maggie Buchele

Class of 2020, mechanical engineering. Maggie completed two co-ops at Marathon in Findlay, Ohio. She received a full-time job offer as a project engineer from Marathon three months before she graduated.

"I chose UToledo because of the mandatory co-op program, which gives you amazing work experience as a student. Companies are getting more specific on who they will hire, and UToledo’s co-op program gives them a perfect opportunity to see if you will be a good fit as a permanent employee."


Corporate Partners

Our students learn from and are employed by our 20+ corporate partners, including Fortune 500 companies like Dana, Owens Corning and Marathon. Partners hold panel discussions and conduct hundreds of mock interviews with our students.

  • Practice interviewing skills.
  • Learn what employers are looking for.
  • Make yourself more marketable.

Corporate Partners

Questions about UToledo Engineering Co-ops and Careers?

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