Engineering Co-ops and Careers

Co-op Information for Current Students

Engineering students working at Marathon

Co-op Search

Be in regular contact with your co-op director. Email or call to schedule a one-on-one session for:

  • Career exploration
  • Co-op search
  • GradLeaders
  • Resume and cover letter reviews
  • Mock interviews
  • Career EXPO preparation
  • Career Fair Plus app
  • LinkedIn Profile Reviews
  • Salary negotiation and evaluating a co-op offer
  • Co-op requirements
  • Alternative spring breaks, employer site visits and other events

Create your profile and upload your resume to the student web registration page. All resumes must be approved by your co-op director before you can submit them to companies. You also need a valid e-mail address on record (generally your engineering email).

Contact your co-op director to let us know about your interviewing schedule and any offers you receive. Once you've secured a position, we recommend you stay in touch with our office so that we receive the information we need to give you credit for your experience.

Upcoming Events

Ignite Careers: Employer Discovery

Ignite Careers will provide you with direct access to some of our employers (Owens-Corning, Marathon, ODOT, Cook Medical, and others—) in order to learn more about their companies and potential career opportunities/paths.  You will have a chance to hear from company reps from a variety of industries and to virtually network with them as well. 

This is an information/networking event (not a career fair) and a great opportunity to begin to start conversations and make connections—igniting your career!

The Details: Friday | October 29, 2021 from 12:00 to 1:30 p.m.

Virtual event hosted on Career Fair Plus 

Format: Company Presentation (15 minutes), Q&A/Networking (10 minutes), Allowance Time-- Change Virtual Sessions (5 minutes)

This event will provide you with even more of an understanding of the diversity of companies and careers that will be available to you in the future. 

We highly encourage you to participate--please complete the brief registration form—link below by 9:00 a.m. Friday, October 29, 2021. 

NOTE: Please use your UToledo Rockets email when completing the information in the link.

Register Here:

Employer Research Guide

Career Fair Plus Directions


Finding a co-op on your own

We are here to help you find co-ops, but you are ultimately responsible for securing your own experience. We strongly encourage you to seek co-ops on your own. You may know of companies in your hometown or have friends and relatives that can link you to experiences.

If you find a co-op on your own, submit the company and position information to your co-op director for approval by the Co-op Committee.

Unsuccessful co-op search

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies suspended their co-op programs. To help our students fulfill their co-op requirements, we developed an alternative online co-op —the Academic Industry Immersion Seminar (AIIS).

In the future, students unable to find a co-op or who have circumstances that prevent them from fulfilling their co-op requirement may use this one time-only substitute.

Who is eligible for the alternative co-op?

  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering students seeking a 1st, 2nd or 3rd co-op
  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology students who have opted into the co-op program seeking a 1st, 2nd or 3rd co-op

Questions? Email The Shah Center at and reference AIIS, your name and major.

Alternative Co-Op Career EXPO Sign into GradLeaders

Co-op Directors

Rhonda Moore; 419.530.8075

Chemical Engineering
Geoffrey Humphrys; 419.530.6027

Civil Engineering
Rhonda Moore; 419.530.8075

Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
Angie Gorny; 419.530.8054

Environmental Engineering

Geoffrey Humphrys; 419.530.6027

Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Last name A-R: Kalen DeCant; 419.530.8064
Last name S-Z: Geoffrey Humphrys; 419.530.6027

Engineering Technology
Computer Science and Engineering Technology
Angie Gorny; 419.530.8054

Construction Engineering Technology
Rhonda Moore; 419.530.8075

Electrical Engineering Technology
Angie Gorny; 419.530.8054

Information Technology
Angie Gorny; 419.530.8054

Mechanical Engineering Technology
Kalen DeCant; 419.530.8064

Co-op Financial Questions

Co-op registration fee.
The fee is $475 for each co-op. The fee supports the operation of the Shah Center for Engineering Career Development. Your account will be charged each time you register for a co-op.

Co-op fees will be billed and will be due on the same timeline as course tuition and fees, before the start of the term you co-op.

If you choose to do additional co-ops beyond the three required experiences, you will not be charged the registration fee.

Financial Aid.
To learn more about what happens to your financial aid while on co-op, visit our Co-op Financial Aid page. You also may email Rocket Solution Central or call 419.530.8700 with additional questions.

Common Co-op Questions

Get answers to your most frequently asked questions about co-ops, including what happens with housing while you're off campus.

Co-op FAQ

Other Resources for Students

Rocket Style Career Closet

The Catharine S. Eberly Center for Women and Career Services are thrilled to announce that Kate’s Closet and The Professional Menswear Closet have merged into one inclusive space to make professional clothing available to all Rocket students located in the Lancelot Thompson Student Union 3rd floor.

Change Of Employer policy

You may change co-op employers after your first co-op assignment, but not after the second and subsequent assignments. You must complete at least two consecutive co-op assignments with the same employer.

To change employers after your first co-op assignment, submit a written request to your co-op director during the first two weeks of the semester when you return for classes. The director will inform you when they approve or reject the request. You must not initiate a discussion with a new employer without obtaining approval.

Any deviation from this policy or unilateral student action to secure a new co-op employer without the prior approval of the Career Development Center can result in probation or suspension from the College.

After Returning from Co-op

Complete your student evaluation form by finals week. Ask your employer to complete the employer form. Forms will be sent to you and your employer via email. Failure to complete these forms means you will not get credit for your co-op experience.

Update your resume and profile on the student Career Development web page.

Co-op Information for International Students

Co-ops are a form of Co-curricular Practical Training (CPT). This means that because co-ops are part of our curriculum and you will receive course credit for them, you are eligible to work in the U.S. and be paid. UToledo's International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) provides the guidelines for eligibility.  You need to fill out the proper paperwork through that office. 

Last Updated: 10/28/21