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The Rocket Style Career Closet serves as an on-campus resource for UToledo students. Students can select professional clothing items in preparation for an upcoming interview or new job at no cost to them.  Shopping visits are by appointment only, no same-day appointments can be made. 

Rocket Style Career Closet

The Catharine S. Eberly Center for Women and Career Services are thrilled to announce that Kate’s Closet and The Professional Menswear Closet have merged into one inclusive space to make professional clothing available to all Rocket students located in the Lancelot Thompson Student Union 3rd floor room 3022 near the auditorium. 

Career Services will oversee all professional wear closet appointments and provide programs and events on professional image, attire, and personal brand.


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Want to visit Rocket Style? Register for an appointment below. We have several professional wear options available.

Rocket Style will be closed until  Feb 1, 2022.

Check back in a few weeks to learn how you can request an appointment time. 


  • Only current UToledo students are eligible to shop. 

  • Students must have a student ID or another type of photo ID  

  • Students can take up to 4 items per visit plus 1 accessory  

    • Items: pants, skirts, dresses, full suit, top, blazer, sportscoat, and shoes  

      • Students are allowed up to one full suit per visit  

      • Students are allowed up to two blazers or sports coats per visit  

    • Accessory: belts, socks, stockings, ties, scarves, bags, jewelry.  

  • Shoppers must make an appointment to shop; appointments are scheduled by completing an online appointment request form.
  • Shoppers are allowed to shop one time each semester. 

  • No returns or exchanges are allowed. 

  • No food or drink is permitted in the closet. 


Monetary Donations 

If you want to donate monetary funds to the Rocket Style Career Closet, you can donate to the link below. All monetary gifts will be used to purchase inventory for the closet. 


Clothing Donations

Career Services is not currently accepting donations. If you are interested in donating clothing to the closet, please email 

Masculine Professional Wear

    • Pants sizes below 34 and above 42
    • Jacket sizes below 42 and above 48
    • Dress shirt sizes small (14 or below), medium (15), XXL or larger (17 above)
    • All shoe sizes

*We will accept additional sizes as well

Feminine Professional Wear 

    • Pants, skirts, and dress sizes below size 6 and size 16 and above 

    • All jacket sizes 

    • All shoe sizes

Donations Process

Donations are taken during specific donation drives organized throughout the year. To better prepare you for the next donation drive, follow the information below.

Step 1: Identify Items

Rocket Style only accepts professional wear. We have provided a list of items that we receive. Due to limited storage space, we will not accept any items outside of the list below.

Blazer or Sport Coat


Jackets-Formal Winter



Dress Shirt/ Blouse


Sweater - Professional


Boots - Dress/ Professional

Dress Shoes


Step 2: Check the Donation Condition

Rocket Style cannot clean or repair any items that are donated. Please be sure your gift is free of holes, rips, offensive smells, and missing components, in addition to being clean, stain-free, and void of any pet hair.

 UToledo students will wear your accepted items, so make sure that your donations are suitable for an entry-level young professional to wear during an interview and the modern workplace. Items should be in current style trends. 

Step 3: Donation Recognition Letter

If you would like a donation recognition letter mailed to you via UToledo Foundation, you will need to complete the below "gift-in-kind" document. Please complete the first two sections and bring the completed form with your donation. Use the "Donations Value Guide" below to determine the value of your donated items. We may adjust the value of your donation (using the donations value guide) if we reject any items in your offering.

Rejected items (items that do not meet the guidelines above) will be donated to the Salvation Army. The form only needs to be completed if you would like a donation letter. If not, this process can be skipped.

Gift-in-KindDonations Value Guide

Step 4: Bring Your Donations

Once you have completed the steps above, please call the Career Services office at 419-530-4341 to schedule a date and time to drop off your items. A Career Services representative will meet you with a cart to receive your gift on the selected day and time. Please don't forget to bring your "Gift-In-Kind" document with your donation if applicable.

Drop off Location: Student Union 2965 W Centennial Dr, Toledo, OH 43606

Google Maps:

Drop-Off Map


Email Laura Jane Moser at or call 419- 530-4331, Rocket Style: 419-530-3022

Last Updated: 1/14/22