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How to Research Potential Employers

studentatcomputerIt’s important to research employers prior to having a conversation with a recruiter or company representative. Showing the initiative to learn more helps you have well thought out conversations, elevator pitches, and interviews. The research will also help you determine if the company is a good fit for you, help you tailor your resume and cover letter, and demonstrate organization and dedication.

What should I research?

The internet provides you with the tools to learn more about a potential employer. First, create a checklist of information to collect, which can help you choose the best places to find information. These topics should give you a good start:

  1. Company’s Industry
  2. Products or Services the Company Offers
  3. Company Leaders (President, CEO, CFO, etc.)
  4. Human Resources/Recruiter Contacts
  5. Organizational Structure
  6. Location(s) of the Company
  7. Social, Economic, Political, and Technological Trends
  8. Company’s Media Presence
  9. Opportunities for Professional Development

Where do I find the information?

  1. Company Website: Check out information such as company profile, mission statements and values, media, news and events, etc.
  2. LinkedIn: Search for companies and see what they post on LinkedIn and a summary of their company, including when they were founded, company size, specialties, etc. Many companies post jobs/internships, articles related to their industry, and job/internship fairs. Make sure to check if you have any 1st or 2nd connections to someone who works for the company.
  3. Better Business Bureau: Research whether a company is BBB accredited and if there have been any complaints logged against them.
  4. Professional Associations: Finding associations or groups the employer belongs to can lead you to more information related to trends, and can give you insight into the industry they compete in.
  5. Google: There’s a reason it’s the most utilized search engine online. Using the Google news feature will allow you to look specifically at the media presence of a company and determine their public image.
  6. Company Blogs: Occasionally companies have  blogs that creatively analyze trends in their industry, discuss changes ahead, and layout community connections and events important to their mission.

Taking 15-20 minutes can make a huge difference in obtaining your next big opportunity.

Email your co-op director if you have more questions!

Last Updated: 6/27/22