Civil and Environmental Engineering

Welcome Message from the Chair

drkumarinlab Greetings to alumni, students, potential students, friends, and supporters of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering! Welcome to our website! It is a very exciting time in our department, as it is always growing and changing. On this site, you will find information related to our undergraduate and graduate programs.

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering is a great place to be, and the experiences and opportunities are unmatched. Our greatest distinguishing factor is our ability to allow our students to take what they learn in the classroom and apply it in the outside world. Ongoing and past research opportunities (such as assessing the Maumee Bay Bridge; developing plans to get rid of potholes in Ohio roads; and developing infrastructure locally and abroad) have given our students the competitive advantage to succeed while in college and in the job market. The research of our faculty is supported by government and industrial funding agencies. You are going to work with a faculty who are developing new knowledge in the area of civil and environmental engineering.

Undergraduate students participate in overseas projects through a local student chapter of the national organization, Engineers Without Borders. These students have been traveling to conferences and winning awards and scholarships, based upon their service to others. Our professors speak and lecture around the world at global events, yet take the time for community service projects in the Toledo area. They often work with junior high through high school students and support various social and economic communities, including minority initiatives. The professors and students are renowned for their publications and global speaking venues. We definitely are getting our name out there and showing all the great things that can be accomplished with a University of Toledo, College of Engineering degree!

Sadly, in today’s era of collegiate education, many schools have lost touch with students, because of failure to hear what they have to say and understand what generates how and what they think. Here at UT, professors take time to talk to any and every student -- no matter when or where. I personally meet with students every day! My cell phone number is always available for evening and weekend calls. Of course, email is also always available. Remember, it’s your comments and input that shape this department and determine its direction.

The reputation of our department hinges on many factors, and the student is number one! We are constantly improving the quality of our graduates, as well as research and growth opportunities. Our graduates are in high demand – worldwide - and we have not been able to produce enough of them to meet the requirements of the prospective employers and recruiters. These graduates are serving on all levels of engineering and management jobs and positions.

In conclusion, if you are alumni, I hope you will share your success stories with others, and help us spread the word about the superior job opportunities that await civil engineer grads coming out of Toledo, Ohio! With your interest and support, we will continuously progress and improve our national ranking.

If you are a prospective student who is investigating our Civil Engineering program, WELCOME! Check out our program and visit us. We encourage you to apply!


Ashok Kumar, Ph.D., BCEE 
Professor and Chairman

Last Updated: 7/19/19