Civil and Environmental Engineering


Civil and environmental Engineering Graduate Degree Programs

Civil and environmental engineers' ability to impact society ― and the demand for our services ― has never been greater. Our work designing infrastructure systems and creating engineering solutions to protect public health leads to better lives and a cleaner planet.

Our department's primary strength is our faculty, staff and students. Our faculty are excellent mentors and active researchers. Our students tackle tough issues related to infrastructure and safety, such as the structural integrity of bridges and drinking water quality.

Graduate Degrees

The College of Engineering also offers the following graduate options:


We offer a range of opportunities for advanced study in areas related to civil and environmental engineering.

Research Focus Areas

  • Resilient structures
  • Transportation systems
  • Composite materials
  • Environmental geotechnology
  • Environmental biotechnology
  • Sustainability engineering
  • Air Pollution
  • Bridge engineering

Current Research Themes

  • Collaborate with water treatment plants to improve water quality
  • Analyze sustainability of solar, water and food systems
  • Numerically simulate buildings and materials
  • Use AI to improve traffic safety and better manage roads


Learn to Think Like an Entrepreneur

We don't just develop outstanding civil and environmental engineers. We develop engineers who create value for their employers by thinking like entrepreneurs. UToledo offers opportunities to commercialize your research and ideas.


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