College of Health and Human Services

Student Services

The College of Health and Human Services Office of Student Services provides quality, timely and comprehensive advising services to support undergraduate student success. Students are assigned academic advisors by major. If you have any questions about undergraduate advising, registration or graduation, please email  

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 Advisor office hours

Limited to 15 minutes

tuesday, feb. 19
WedneSDAY, feb. 20
ThurSDAY, feb. 21

Lori DuBose
HH 2628

No office hours 1-4pm 2-4pm

Sheree Madison-Emery
HH 3002

No office hours 1-4pm 9-11am

Kristen Rothfeld
HH 1300G

No office hours 1-4pm 9-11am

Staci Sturdivant
HH 1024

9-11am 1-4pm No office hours

Heather Tessler
HH 3100N

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CHHS students are:
•encouraged to meet with their academic advisors for assistance as needed.
•responsible for fulfilling all degree requirements.
•future professionals held accountable for their personal and educational decisions.
•committed to enhancing the human condition.

Last Updated: 2/15/19