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University of Toledo
Computer Center
2750 E. Rocket Drive
MS 202
Toledo, OH 43606-3390


UT Health
Information Technology

Dowling Hall 025
3000 Arlington Avenue
MS 1079
Toledo, OH 43614

Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Below are standard service level expectations for the many services we provide. 


Expected Performance

Access Requests

Banner 2 business days
Lawson 2 business days
SQL Server database 2 business days
Banner ODS 2 business days
Web Report Library 2 business days
Imaging 2 business days

Production Move Requests

SQL Server objects 2 business days
Oracle objects 2 business days
Web Report Library reports 1 business day
Database Services
Access permission modifications 3 business days
Application patches and upgrades within agreed upon due date
Application Related Services
Report requests and modifications within agreed upon due date
Extracts, imports, and interfaces within agreed upon due date
Ad-hoc query information 2 business days
Production and performance issues immediate response
Help desk requests within 1 business day
Support Services
Banner general training 1 week
Enterprise application core office support within 1 business day
Web Report Library assistance 2 business days
Imaging assistance within 1 business day





















Last Updated: 6/9/16