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Your anesthesia clerkship incorporates several didactic sessions and regularly scheduled conferences. You are expected to attend all of these. Sign-up sheets will be available; all absences must be approved in advance. All lectures and conferences take place in the anesthesia departmental conference room unless noted on the Clerkship Lecture schedule.

0630-0700 Case Review Conference

0630-0700 Conference (given by residents proctored by faculty) Keyword Topics
1330-1530 CA1 Didactic Session
1800 Second Tuesday of the Month September to June - Journal Club/Visiting Professor (Light Dinner Served at 1730)

0700-0800 1st Wednesday of the month Morbidity and Mortality Conference (M&M) - Note: M&M conference is considered a Quality Assurance activity under state law and as such is not discoverable for purposes of a law-suit, unless, confidentiality is breached by discussion outside of the conference. All information pertaining to a particular case divulged in M&M conference should be kept confidential and not discussed outside the conference.
0700-0800 All other Wednesdays Clinical Case Conference

0630-0700 Conference (given by residents proctored by faculty) Keyword Topics

No conference - be in the OR at 0700

Student Lecture Series: Day and time varies from clerkship to clerkship. Updated lecture schedules will be posted on this Web site.

Clerkship Lecture Schedule


Introduction to Anesthesia - James P. Hofmann, M.D. - an overview of the drugs and techniques of anesthesia, including induction agents, opioids, muscle relaxants, inhaled agents, conduction blockade and intubation.

Preoperative Evaluation - Preoperative evaluation of the patient scheduled for surgery including need for testing and labs.

Acid Base Balance and Blood Gas - Daniel Grum, M.D. - Interpretation of blood gases and acid base physiology and the treatment of disorders.

OBAnesthesia - Anthony Braida, M.D. - Changes in the physiology of the parturient and how this affects the considerations for administering anesthesia, also includes discussion of anesthetic techniques for labor and delivery including c-section.

Anesthesia Complications - Colleen Lancz, M.D. - Discussion of the more common and the more serious complications related to anesthetic care and their prevention and management.

Fluids and Blood Therapy - Andrew Casabianca, M.D. - The rational management of fluids during surgery and resuscitation from blood loss.

Pediatric Anesthesia - Thomas Rooney, M.D. - Anatomic and physiologic considerations unique to pediatric anesthesia and the techniques involved.

Pharmacology of Local Anesthetics - Mukesh Pitroda, M.D. - Pharmacology of the different types of local anesthetics and their use in conduction blockade for surgery.

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