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Equipment Dial Readout PictureThe grade for your clerkship will be based upon your performance in the clinical setting, and on an end-of-clerkship exam. Information on the exam can be found by clicking exam. Your clinical performance will be evaluated by the attending faculty and Residents on standardized forms. Your medical knowledge and clinical judgment will be addressed solely by the physician you are working with. Other members of the healthcare team, as well as patients may evaluate other aspects of your medical education such as communication and professionalism in a 360-degree fashion.
Honors: To obtain a grade of honors on your clerkship you will be required to complete a short paper on a subject of interest. All topics must be approved by the clerkship director. Completing a project does not guarantee honors. All students receiving honors must achieve at least an overall “honors” grade between the clinical evaluations and the exam, and a grade no lower than "high pass" in either category. In any case, completion of a paper will add points to your final exam grade.

On the last day of your rotation you will take an exam. This exam covers topics you have covered in lecture, as well as some aspects of anesthesiology you should have picked up in your clinical experience as well as your reading. The exam is in multiple-choice format with the exception of one short answer question. Occasionally, due to scheduling conflicts, emergencies and other circumstances not easily controlled, not all of the core series lectures will be given to the students. Cancelled lectures will be taken into account when grading the exam. Students are still responsible for material offered in lectures from which they themselves are absent.

The exam will be administered in the anesthesia departmental library/seminar room. You should report to the anesthesia clerkship coordinator at 1:30 pm on the last day of the rotation to take the exam. It is an individually taken closed book exam.

The exam will account for 1/3 of the grade.

The other 2/3 of the grade will be based on the evaluations tendered by the attending anesthesiologists and residents who have worked with the students in the operating room environment.

Last Updated: 6/9/16