Electron Microscopy Facility 

Research Services

We offer Electron Microscopy and Histology services for those interested in adding them to their research studies.  Contact us for a short consultation before submission of samples.

Instructions for Electron Microscopy Research Samples(Tissue Submission Instructions PDF)

 Tissue Sample Collection (i.e., kidney, tumor specimens):

  • Place minced (1 mm cubes) specimen in 3% glutaraldehyde immediately.
  • Send specimen at ambient temperature in a vial containing 3% glutaraldehyde.

Special Instructions:

  • Muscle tissue: specimen should be collected with a Price Muscle Clamp.
  • Specimen must be fixed in 3% glutaraldehyde for 24 hrs while attached to clamp.

Nasal or Ciliary Mucosal Biopsy:

  • Should be placed in Cell or Viral Culture Transport Media.  Important: DO NOT FIX the specimen.  
  • Optimal time for obtaining best results is to send tissue within 1 to 2 hrs of collection.
  • Send immediately to Dr. Gunning at the address below.

Delivery Times: Send specimen at ambient temperature via overnight delivery.  Samples are accepted and run Monday through Friday.  The laboratory is CLOSED weekends and holidays.

Testing Method: Standard tissue processing methods for Electron Microscopy are used to obtain ideal sections for analysis. 

Specimen Analysis: Direct examination of tissue ultrastructure


Instructions for Histology Research Samples (Research Histology Specimen Submission Instructions)

 Collect specimen and place in 10% buffered Formalin for 24 hrs.  Send specimen in vial containing 10% Formalin or remove Formalin and place specimen in 70% Ethanol prior to shipment.

Special Instructions:  

For immunostaining, specimen reactivity will be dependent on the antigen’s ability to be stabile during fixation.

Delivery Times:

Samples may be dropped off or sent to the Electron Microscopy Laboratory (Block Health Science Building, Room 029) Monday through Friday. The laboratory is closed on weekends and holidays.

Testing Method:

Standard tissue processing methods for histology are used to obtain appropriate sections for analysis. A basic H&E stain will be done on all sections. Other staining can be done as needed or requested.

Specimen Analysis:  Analysis is done by light microscopy.

Specimen Delivery Address:

Via Courier:

Via Fed Ex or DHL:

Pathology Laboratory
University of Toledo Medical Center
3000 Arlington Avenue
Toledo, OH 43614
Phone: (419) 383 - 3752
Attention: Dr. W.T. Gunning
Department of Pathology
University of Toledo
Health Science Campus
Block Health Sciences Bldg., Room 029
3000 Transverse Drive
Toledo, OH 43614-5804
Phone: (419) 383 - 3484




Last Updated: 6/16/16