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Highlights: General Psychiatry Residency Program

Residents’ group process – an opportunity for residents to discuss personal and professional issues in a confidential setting. This group is facilitated by an adjunct faculty member external to the University of Toledo who has minimal to no contact with residents outside the group.

TWOWayMirrorObservation of diagnostic assessments and medication follow up appointments – attending physicians observe PGY 2 and 3 residents behind a one way mirror during diagnostic assessments with immediate feedback and discussion following the assessment. Residents are also directly observed with immediate feedback as PGY 3’s for medication management sessions. Residents report that the observation process is an outstanding learning experience for them, whether they are sitting behind the mirror with the attending, or receiving feedback after the session is completed.

ResidentRetreatResidents’ retreat – residents have a full day to evaluate the residency program at an off-site location of their choosing. A report is then given to the program director to assist in improving the training experience.

Consultation-Liaison Service – this service has a fellowship trained geriatric psychiatrist to supervise consults of geriatric patients as well as a general psychiatrist to supervise all other patients.

Last Updated: 7/25/16