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Photos: General Psychiatry Residency

Here you will find an assortment of photographs showing faculty, staff and residents.

2013 Graduation Group Photo

2013 Graduation: Indian Themed Banquet

House Offcier Award

2013 Graduation: Dr. Eilbeck receiving House Officer Award from Dr. Williams

2013 Graduation

2013 Graduation: Graduates Dr. DJ Singh, Dr. Migliori, and Dr. Eilbeck with Dr. Williams

Child Fellows

2013 Child and Adolescent Fellows: Dr. Vikas Mange Wala, Dr. Sajjad Sarwar and Dr. Talha Siddiqui


Dr. Williams presents graduation certificate to Dr. Singla.


2012 Graduation. Residents show appreciation to Residency Coordinator, Zoe Murphy.

PGY1 through4

2012 Graduation. Residents group picture.


2012 Graduation. Dr. Ahmed Janjua (Center) a former graduate and now adjunct faculty member with graduates Dr. Ajay Singh (Left) and Dr. Puneet Singla (Right).


2012 Graduation. Graduates Dr. John Coates and Dr. Puneet Singla present a gift to Dr. Daniel Rapport.

Psychiatry residents

2011 Dr. Janjua (Resident), Dr. Feldman (Resident), Dr. Singla (Resident), Dr. Eilbeck (Resident), Dr. Tamburrino (Department Chair), Dr. Singh (Resident), Dr. Naskar (Resident), Dr. Sarwar (Resident) and Dr. Williams (Director of Psychiatry Residency Program).

Psychiatry Residents 2011-2012

2011 Residents Back Row: Dr. Halm, Dr. Eilbeck, Dr. Coates, Dr. Naskar, Dr. Singla, Front Row: Dr. Paul, Dr. Janjua, Dr. McLaughlin, Dr. Singh, Dr. Sarwar.

 2009 Residency Class

2009 Department of Psychiatry Retreat Ahmed Janjua, Habeeb Arar, Sajjad Sarwar, Jamie Lynn Gladden, Shahnawaz Meer, Lance Feldman, Puneet Singla, Harinder Kaur.

2009 Residency Retreat

2009 Department of Psychiatry Retreat. Discussing program improvement. Sajjad Sarwar, Upender Gehlot, Lance Feldman

2007-2008 Residency Class

2007-2008 Department of Psychiatry Residents. Front Row: Dr. Marijo Tamburrino (Department Chair), Dr. Kristi Williams (Director, General Psychiatry Residency Training Program).  Back Row: Dr. Ryan Travis, Dr. Shahnawaz Meer, Dr. Ben Forrester, Dr. Ajay Singh, Dr. Ahmed Janjua,  Middle Row: Dr. Habeeb Arar, Dr. Gina Ferrara, Dr. Jamie Lynne Gladden (sitting), Dr. Harinder Kaur, Dr. Tracy Cummings, Dr. Wissam Hoteit (sitting) and Dr. Amy Riese.   

2008 Graduation CeremonyGeneral Psychiatry Residency Training Director, Dr. Kristi Williams, congratulates Dr. Ryan Travis at the 2008 Graduation Celebration. 





2008 Graduation w/residency Coordinator Zoe Murphy

Graduate Dr. Amy Riese with the residency coordinator Zoe Murphy.








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