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Welcome to Rocket Wellness, your one-stop shop for wellness initiatives and information at The University of Toledo.



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Main Campus
Health and Human Services, Center for Health and Successful Living, 1100

Scott Park Campus
Academic Service Center, Suite 1000

Health Science Campus
3rd floor Dowling Hall (Morse Center)

2801 W. Bancroft St.
Toledo, OH 43606
MS 405

Rocket Wellness is committed to prioritizing the health and well-being of the UT community. Working in collaboration with UT departments, organizations and groups across all campuses and populations, we offer a variety of prevention-based wellness programming and outreach to create a culture of health.

An employee receiving a flu shot

Rocket Wellness is committed to providing wellness programming for our valued faculty and staff to assist them on living a well balanced life. 

Cycling class at the Morse Center

Rocket Wellness collaborates with UT departments to provide wellbeing programs to enhance the student experience.

Walk to End Alzheimer's on UT's campus

Rocket Wellness extends wellness services to our community through education and events. 



Last Updated: 11/7/18