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Blue Medical Plan Wellness Incentive


The deadline for the 2019 Wellness Incentive was November 30, 2018.  If you did not complete the requirements by the deadline, you will not be eligible for the incentive.



A new era at The University of Toledo is bringing with it an increased focus on wellness and a passionate commitment to provide employees the opportunity to take advantage of the support and resources available to begin a journey toward healthy behaviors.  UT is pleased to offer an opportunity to employees in the Blue Consumer Driven Health Plan (CDHP) to incentivize healthier behaviors and maximize their Health Savings Accounts (HSA).

For 2019, UT’s potential employer contribution of $800 single/$1200 single +1/$1,600 family to your HSA account, as a participant in the Blue CDHP medical plan, will consist of two components. 

1. The University will contribute the industry norm of $500 single/$750 single +1/$1,000 family towards your HSA Account. 

2. Employees will have the ability to earn an additional incentive of $300 single/$450 single +1/$600 family by completing targeted wellness actions.

Step 1: Complete five or more wellness actions by November 30, 2018.  Use this form to self-report these actions by November 30, 2018.

Step 2: Complete the health screening and Health Risk Assessment (HRA) by November 30, 2018.  Health screenings and the HRA will be available in October.  Please note: this is voluntary and no health records are maintained by the University.

Completing Steps 1 and 2 by November 30, 2018 will result in the contribution of the additional incentive to your Health Savings Account in 2019.

Click here for a printable PDF of this information

Wellness Actions

Health Screening and Online Health Risk Assessment       Eye Exam
Annual Flu Shot Dental Exam
Fill 2018 Rx Scripts at UT Pharmacies Wellness Activities/Classes
Utilization of UTMC/UTP Healthy Behaviors
Annual Physical Gym Membership
Hearing Evaluation  



What is Healthy U? Please refer to the Healthy U FAQ

How do I enroll in Healthy U? During open enrollment, check the box to opt-in to Healthy U.

Can I still enroll in Healthy U if I've already completed open enrollment? Yes.  Please email to manually opt-in to Healthy U.

Is there a fee to participate in Healthy U? No.  Healthy U is a free and voluntary program.

How do I sign up for the health screening? Every year during open enrollment, you will receive an email with a link to a web form to schedule your health screening.  Screenings are offered from October through December on Health Science Campus and Main Campus.

Can I have my screening completed by my personal physician? Yes! If you complete an annual physical in which your cholesterol, glucose, height, weight and blood pressure are measured, this can substitute the health screening offered by Healthy U.  However, you must email to make sure your screening is recorded for credit.

What if I am unable to complete a screening due to a health condition, such as pregnancy? We can offer an exception for the screening for certain medical conditions.  Please email with your request for exception.

How do I record my wellness actions? Complete the web form. All wellness actions are self-reported, and the University will not collect any documentation as a part of the reporting process.  However, all actions must be self-reported by November 30, 2018, for you to be eligible for the additional, 2019 incentive.

If my family members are covered under my medical benefit, do they have to self-report wellness actions? No; only the UT employee has to participate, and has the ability to earn the additional family incentive.

If I repeat a wellness action, will it count as more than 1 toward my additional 5 actions? No; you may only self-report a wellness action only on an annual basis.

Will my results from my health screening or any other wellness action be kept by the University? No.  This program is voluntary. No health records are maintained by the University.

If I don’t participate in the Blue Consumer Driven Health Plan (CDHP), can I receive the wellness incentive? No. The wellness incentive is only available for employees that elect the Blue Medical CDHP plan with the Health Savings Account (HSA).  The additional incentive contribution will only be added to a HSA, not a FSA.

Definitions of Wellness Actions

  1. Healthy U Enrollment: Check the box to enroll in Healthy U during open enrollment. 
  2. Health Screening and Health Risk Assessment: For more information on the screening, visit this link.  For information on the Health Risk Assessment please reference the Healthy U FAQ.
  3. Fill 2018 Rx Scripts at UT Pharmacies: Indicate UT Pharmacies as your primary pharmacies with your physicians.
  4. Utilization of UTMC/UTP:  Choose The University of Toledo Medical Center and UT Physicians as your primary medical providers.
  5. Flu Shot: Receive your 2018 flu shot from any medical provider.
  6. Annual Physical: Complete a physical with your physician anytime during the 2018 calendar year for the 2019 incentive. 
  7. Eye Exam: Complete an eye exam any time during the 2018 calendar year for the 2019 incentive. 
  8. Dental Exam: Complete a dental exam/cleaning any time during the 2018 calendar year for the 2019 incentive. 
  9. Wellness Activities/Classes: Healthy U offers multiple activities throughout the year. Please check the Healthy U website regularly for a list.  Some examples include financial wellness presentations, healthy challenges, wellness walks, and healthy cooking workshops.
  10. Healthy Behaviors: Improve a health behavior during the calendar year to earn this wellness action.  Examples include; improve your BMI, reduce your total cholesterol, stop using tobacco, begin an exercise regimen, etc.
  11. Gym membership: Sign up for a gym membership to earn this wellness action.  If you are currently a member of a gym, you can mark this as a completed wellness action.  For rates and information about joining the UT Recreation Center, visit this link.
  12. Hearing Evaluation: Complete a hearing evaluation any time during the 2018 calendar year for the 2019 incentive.

Printable Wellness Incentive FAQ Document 


Last Updated: 7/9/19