Sexual Assault Education & Prevention Program

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The mission of Rockets Against Sexual Assault is to spark a dialogue about healthy relationships and advance toward eliminating sexual violence in all forms. RASA's meetings are informative, empowering, safe, and encourage discussion in an effort to change the climate of our campus. This mission extends to all people regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic class, and religion. Contact us for more information.

RASA provides a wide range of useful resources on and off campus while educating student body members on both healthy and unhealthy sexual relationships. This is communicated via a powerful workshop that provides informative and helpful programming which targets combatting dating violence and assisting survivors. As a result, RASA gives general members a call to action that sexual violence and victim advocacy must be more than an educative effort. The message is an active one, that requires a dialogue surrounding these necessary and overlooked issues to eliminate sexual violence on and off campus.



Last Updated: 6/30/19