Student Green Fund


Mission Statement

The mission of the Student Green Fund is to make The University of Toledo a more sustainable institution and to enhance its mission of improving the human condition by supporting green ideas and initiatives proposed, decided upon, implemented by, and ultimately funded directly by students. The Student Green Fund will bring to campus an increased level of competence in the areas of renewable energy and environmental sustainability, an increased level of student engagement in these areas, and a heightened student sense of ownership of the University’s responsibility as an Ohio Center of Excellence in Advanced Renewable Energy and the Environment.

Short Description of the UT Student Green Fund

The Student Green Fund (SGF) is a fund whose resources will be used to support student projects that serve to support the SGF’s mission to make UT a greener and more sustainable campus, and that are aligned with UT’s mission to improve the human condition. The fund will be supported by a $5 voluntary, opt-out fee to be placed on each student's account each semester. Students or student organizations will submit project proposals to the Student Green Fund Committee (SGFC), a governing body which will be composed of UT students, staff, and faculty. The SGFC will decide which proposals to support and release funds to those students/organizations. The students or student organizations will implement their proposed projects, and will submit regular follow-up reports to the SGFC regarding each projects adherence to proposed completion timelines and budgets.

Last Updated: 3/28/17