Student Green Fund

Grant Requirements

Do you have a great idea that can improve the sustainability of our campus?  Would you like to receive a grant to implement this idea? Read on to find out how you can apply:

 Who can apply for funds from the Student Green Fund?

Any currently enrolled student or recognized student organization may apply for funding from the SGF. University faculty, staff, and administrators are also allowed to apply for funding, with the requirement that the funds directly involve one or more students for things like sustainability-focused internships or research projects.

 Project Requirements

  • Project proposals may be submitted by University of Toledo students, student organizations, faculty, staff, or administrators. All proposals submitted by faculty, staff, and administrators must have a minimum of one student participant that will have a major role in the implementation of the project. Individuals or organizations outside of the University of Toledo may not submit proposals.
  • Projects must address environmental sustainability issues on the University of Toledo campuses (Main Campus, HSC, and Scott Park) in a direct manner, or involve on-campus activities that serve to promote sustainability on and off campus.
  • Project proposals must include appropriate background information, including relevant research into other institutions that have implemented similar projects (if any exist).
  • Project authors are highly encouraged to seek additional means of funding through existing university departments or programs and outside sponsors to promote a collaborative experience for all students involved and to expand the potential scope of all projects. The Student Green Fund will not, however, fund projects that are already fully supported by administrative and departmental budgets or outside donors.
  • The Student Green Fund will not support projects that violate any local, state or federal laws.
  • All projects must include considerations for proper waste disposal of any materials to be physically placed on campus.
  • All projects must include a timeline for completion, detailed with appropriate milestones and expected disbursements of funding.
  • Projects must include an appropriate budget with estimated or actual costs for all supplies and installations. Any correspondence with vendors, including quotes for products and services, should be attached to the proposals.
  • All projects must include some mechanism for post-project evaluation, including completion of the current SGF Post-Project Report available on the SGF website. If projects are projected to have ongoing cost savings to the University, an appropriate method for tracking, recording, and reporting these benefits to the SGFC must be established. These ongoing reports should be made at least once per semester (including summer).
  • All projects must have publicity, education, and outreach considerations.

 Who will decide which projects are funded?

All projects will be reviewed by the Student Green Fund Committee.  The SGFC is composed of undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, and administrators.  After submission of a proposal, project leaders will be contacted via email to schedule an in-person with the SGFC.

What is involved in the presentation to the committee?

While there are no strict requirements for presentation to the committee, you will be allotted 20 to 30 minutes of time to adequately present your proposed project to the members of the SGFC.  A PowerPoint presentation is encouraged, and any presentation should include details that address the requirements listed above.  Any visuals that encourage and support your proposal as a sustainability initiative are appreciated.  All presentations will be open to the public, and you may invite any persons that can speak on behalf of your proposal that you would like.  Following your presentation, there will be about 10 to 15 minutes of time available for open questions.

When are proposals due?

Project proposals will be accepted at any time on a rolling basis.  After submission, your project leader will be contacted to schedule an in-person presentation with the SGFC.

Last Updated: 3/28/17