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Completed Projects

Hand dryers

V shaped hand dryer from dyson

  Fall 2017: High efficiency hand dryers: This project reduces paper towel use and greenhouse gas emissions in an environment where this is usually not a consideration. Almost everyone, we hope, washes their hands but few think about how many paper towels a year a single person goes through to accomplish this task. The material waste this creates and environmental services staff must collect and throw away, there is a large amount of greenhouse gases embodied in the manufacturing, transportation and disposal of these paper towels. High efficiency hand dryers, offer reductions in emissions from the simple hand drying process. 10 hand dryers were installed across our three campuses, and are helping reduce our carbon footprint everyday!
Bike repair kit   Spring 2017: Bike Repair Stations: The Green Fund is committed to improving the bike culture and bicycle infrastructure on campus.  The Green Fund funded the installation of bike repair stations to make biking on campus an even better option for students.  The project was completed back in 2016 and repair stations can now be found throughout campus including outside of the library and Palmer Hall.  The university's bike share program, Rocket Wheels, paired with the repair stations offer a great opportunity for all students to see campus or the University Bike Trail on a pair of wheels.     

 Between Snyder Memorial Student Union


  Fall 2016: Solar Tables: The Student Green Fund collaborated with BOSEF to install three solar tables near the Student Union, in Engineering, and on Health Science Campus. These tables have electrical outputs to charge phones or laptops and are a perfect location to meet friends and work on homework. The tables were purchased from EnerFusion Inc. based in Lansing, MI.
water bottle refill station   Fall 2013: The Student Green Fund sponsored the installation of eight refillable water bottle stations throughout Main campus and the Health Science campus. Locations include the Student Union, Snyder Memorial, Carlson Library, and the Student Recreation Center as well the Health Education Building.
 Earth Fest Reusable Bag and Bottle  

Spring 2013: The Student Green Fund collaborated with the Society for Environmental Education to hand out reusable bags and water bottles in exchange for their respected plastic alternatives.


Spring 2013: The Student Green Fund partnered with Student Government to hold "Take Back the Tap Day," an educational event about harmful impacts of plastic water bottles and included a reusable aluminum bottle giveaway.


Proposed Projects under Review

 First Solar Panel series 5   Students for Solar: First Solar recently made a generous donation of solar panels to the University of Toledo allowing the campus to further integrate renewable sources into the campus energy portfolio.  A senior design team is currently working with local professionals to design the solar field.  More project updates and installation dates will be announced soon! 

Rocket Wheel program


  Bike Infrastructure Improvements: A civil engineering senior design team completed a design for improved bike infrastructure on the UT main campus.  Parts of the senior design project were submitted as a project proposal to the Green Fund.  The proposal is currently under review by the Green Fund.  Once the project is completed there will be many new bike corrals and an improved bike share program for UT students. The ultimate goal of the project is to make UT a more bike friendly campus! Campus.
 Living Green Wall   There is a project proposal for the installation of a Living Green Wall inside of MacKinnon Hall, the Honors Building for Main Campus.
 Carpool Parking Sign   There is a project proposal for the implementation of a carpool system for commuters.
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Last Updated: 4/17/18