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The Student Green Fund has supported several projects across the University of Toledo which have improved the campus sustainability and overall image.

water bottle refill station   Fall 2013: The Student Green Fund sponsored the installation of eight refillable water bottle stations throughout Main campus and the Health Science campus. Locations include the Student Union, Snyder Memorial, Carlson Library, and the Student Recreation Center as well the Health Education Building.
 GF Earth Day Fest Stuff  

Spring 2013: The Student Green Fund collaborated with the Society for Environmental Education to hand out reusable bags and water bottles in exchange for their respected plastic alternatives.


Spring 2013: The Student Green Fund partnered with Student Government to hold "Take Back the Tap Day," an educational event about harmful impacts of plastic water bottles and included a reusable aluminum bottle giveaway.


Proposed Projects under Review

 LivingWall1   There is a project proposal for the installation of a Living Green Wall inside of MacKinnon Hall, the Honors Building for Main Campus.
 CarPool1   There is a project proposal for the implementation of a carpool system for commuters.
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Last Updated: 6/26/15