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The University of Toledo's master's program in Philosophy focuses on preparing students for acceptance into competitive Ph.D. programs in Philosophy. 

Our M.A. students come from a wide variety of educational backgrounds. While most of our students have extensive experience in philosophy, it is not a requirement for acceptance. We look for strong students with advanced critical and analytical skills who have an interest in addressing philosophical problems from multiple perspectives. 

UToledo's Department of Philosophy is historically oriented and pluralistic. Faculty represents continental and analytic philosophical traditions. We are the perfect program for students who want to develop broad familiarity with diverse areas of philosophical research, including: 

  • American philosophy 
  • Bioethics 
  • Environmental ethics and issues surrounding sustainability 
  • History of western philosophy 
  • Philosophy of religion  
  • Philosophy of mind and cognitive science 
  • Philosophy of science, especially philosophy of biology and of mathematics 
  • Social and political philosophy 

During their second years, M.A. students continue course work and develop professional qualifications in an area of specialization. There are two options for completing the degree: 

  • Thesis option — leads to the defense of a written master’s thesis 
  • Exam option — leads to a written qualifying exam in contemporary philosophy 

Top Reasons to Study philosophy at UToledo

  1. Full tuition support.
    Most full-time students in UToledo's master's Philosophy program receive a teaching assistantship (a full tuition waiver and stipend). 
  2. Professional development.

    First-year students work as teaching assistants for department faculty. Most second-year graduate students teach an introductory-level Philosophy course of their own. This opportunity isn't available in many M.A. programs in Philosophy. It can be of enormous value when applying to Ph.D. programs. 

    The department also offers limited support for graduate students traveling to professional conferences.  

  3. Outstanding placement record.
    Students from UToledo's master's program have gone on to superior PhD programs and top-tier law schools. 
  4. Continental philosophy
    One of our program's strengths, setting our program apart from other M.A. programs in Philosophy. We have faculty members with significant professional training, experience and connections in the continental tradition. Many of our graduate students choose to pursue research in that tradition.  

UToledo's Philosophy department boasts an outstanding faculty that is truly pluralistic. Each member is an accomplished researcher and teacher with expertise in most traditions and approaches in western philosophy. 

  • Dr. James Campbell — one of the world's leading scholars of American pragmatism. 
  • Dr. Nina Atanasova — Her research in neuroethics and philosophy of neuroscience is at the cutting edge of a new and crucial area of philosophical research. 
  • Dr. Ammon Allred — His research on the relationship between Heidegger and Derrida is part of an effort by a group of young scholars that will change the understanding of those figures and their places in 20th-century European philosophy. 

Examples of recent M.A. thesis projects include: 

  • Environmental Ethics and Animal Suffering 
  • The Science of Altruism 
  • Feminist Ethics in Literature 
  • The Concept of Sovereignty in Hobbes and Stalin 
  • Platonic Conceptions of Love in Early Christian Thought 
  • Metaphysics in Contemporary French Philosophy 
  • The Role of Emotions in Cognition 
  • Dewey’s Ethics 


What jobs can I get with a philosophy degree?

UToledo philosophy master's students are sought-after by employers and graduate schools for their: 

  • Professional experience (teaching) 
  • Research experience 
  • Breadth of knowledge 
  • Highly developed skills in writing, critical thinking and analysis 

Most UToledo master's graduates are accepted into competitive doctoral programs or law schools, including:  

  • Emory University 
  • Georgetown University (foreign service) 
  • Graduate Center at City University of New York 
  • Johns Hopkins (international development) 
  • Purdue University 
  • Ohio State University Law 
  • St. Andrews (UK) 
  • University of Cincinnati 
  • University of Kent (UK) 
  • University of Notre Dame 
  • University of Toledo Law  

Graduates of Philosophy master's programs also find employment at universities and colleges; non-profits; foreign-service agencies; international development organizations and more. 






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