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Lifelong learning. Professional success. Leadership. Global competency. Multi-cultural understanding. Responsible citizenship.

The College of Arts and Letters leads liberal arts education and research at the University of Toledo. Through our diverse people and programs in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences we prepare students to excel as creative, ethical, collaborative, and global citizens.

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High Demand Majors


  • Communication


    It pays to know how to communicate — whether you're giving a presentation, promoting a cause or an organization or connecting with the community.

  • English


    Designed to produce skilled and sophisticated readers and writers, the University of Toledo English major gives students sound academic preparation while providing flexible professional options.

  • Visual Arts

    Visual Arts

    The University of Toledo’s Bachelor of Visual Arts Degree program is perfect for students who want a broad liberal arts education combined with solid art skills in a variety of media.

  • Psychology


    Psychology involves the study of the brain and behavior and how they influence one another — in humans and other animals.

  • Sociology


    The University of Toledo’s sociology program will equip you to better understand human relationships. This understanding is critical as our world evolves and grows more diverse.

  • Anthropology


    Anthropology majors study people around the world — people from different times and places. They learn how our thoughts and beliefs are shaped by the cultural communities in which we are raised.

  • Law and Social Thought

    Law and Social Thought

    The University of Toledo’s bachelor’s degree program in law and social thought (LST) is the only program of its kind at a state university in Ohio.

  • Film and Video

    Film and Video

    Develop skills in all areas of motion picture production from shooting, producing and editing to final delivery.

  • Music


    The UToledo Department of Music provides a comprehensive education in classical and jazz music traditions and offers a variety of musical opportunities and experiences.

  • Art


    Conceptualize and create. Experiment and collaborate. The University of Toledo is the only B.F.A. program in the region that requires faculty reviews every semester.


  • Psychology


    The Department of Psychology accepts applications for the Doctor of Philosophy degree with a concentration in either Clinical Psychology or Experimental Psychology.

  • Spatially Integrated Social Science

    Spatially Integrated Social Science

    This program designed around the application of geographic information science, spatial statistics, spatial econometrics and spatial analysis to study the spatial dimension of human and social dynamics.

  • History


    The Graduate Program in History at The University of Toledo is committed, first and foremost, to the values and priorities of liberal arts education.


Meet Zoe Farrugia

’22, Bachelor of Science with honors in Nursing; earned a Global Seal of Biliteracy in Spanish

“I chose to study Spanish alongside my Nursing degree because I want to be able to care for my Spanish-speaking patients with the same congruency as I do my English-speaking patients. Language should never be a barrier to care, and studying Spanish is my way of working to be a part of consistent, congruent healthcare.”

After she graduates, Zoe will enter Cleveland Clinic’s Nurse Residency Program as a medical ICU nurse.


Meet Karen Gallagher

'21, Master's in Spatially Integrated Social Sciences

“Resilience and passion led to the completion of my doctorate degree, and I know those qualities will serve me well in the professional world.”

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Meet Rose Mansel Pleydell

'20, Bachelor of Fine Arts

“I knew I wanted a bachelor’s degree and ever since graduating high school, I had become more and more interested in a career in the arts.”

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Meet Roma Lucarelli

'20, Bachelor of Arts in English

“As a student-athlete, flexibility and understanding are key, and I never had an issue with that from any of my professors. But more than that, my professors have often shown a personal interest in me as a student and as a future educator. One of the best parts of my college experience has been the one-on-one attention that I have received from my professors.”

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Meet Brittany D. Jones

'20, Doctor of Philosophy in spatially integrated social sciences

“The skills I acquired through my degree program have allowed me to confidently apply for opportunities best fit for my research. It has taught me that, as a doctorate student, you are the CEO of your degree and must stand in your truth as a contributor to universal knowledge, especially as a scholar of color.”

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Meet Justin Petty

'20, Bachelor of Arts in Theatre

“The University has helped me foster a new outlook on theatre-making. It has helped me become more precise and helped me understand how to make and find stories that not only represent but highlight the struggles of being a minority.”

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Meet Shelby Howard

'20, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

“My time at UToledo has been like an ice cream sundae. The experiences and what I’ve learned are the base, and being able to share Blue Key with others in my life, that was the perfect cherry on top.”

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Literature and Pop Music Scholar Wins Award for First Book

Kimberly Mack, Ph.D., UToledo associate professor of English and a scholar of African American literature and American popular music

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Last Updated: 8/23/22