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diversity, equity and inclusion

You belong here.

Diversity is a core value on our campus.

The University of Toledo — and the College of Arts and Letters (CAL) — is committed to creating an environment where every student, staff member and faculty member feels included and respected.

We welcome diverse ideas, thoughts and perspectives.

 college diversity plan uToledo diversity plan

The College of Arts and Letters strives to promote greater diversity, equity, inclusion, and accountability at every level of campus life. This includes intentionally increasing compositional diversity and creating dynamic learning environments that embody acceptance and respect in which students, faculty and staff of all backgrounds can thrive; and ensuring that faculty and staff are fully engaged in this initiative so that all students achieve their educational potential.

Taking a Stand

We in the UToledo College of Arts and Letters are responsive to current events that point up the ongoing need to speak out when injustices emerge. We have and will continue to take a stand on behalf of those victimized by hate crimes, intolerance, discrimination and violence simply because of their skin color, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender identity, age or disability. We have issued statements in response to recent examples of hate-motivated events.

Anti-Asian Hate Crimes      Conviction of Officer Derek Chauvin

education is key to stamping out hate

Learning about the experiences of those different from ourselves can reduce fear and animosity, and increase understanding to bring us closer together.  Check out our list of materials to explore — from books, films and articles to personal accounts and poetry across many diverse areas.

Inclusion Officer

Ally Day

Ally Day

Associate Professor, Disability Studies


CAL Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Team

Alexandria Harris

Alexandria Harris

Academic Advisor, Psychology


Dr. Dwight Haase

Dr. Dwight Haase

Associate Professor and Chair, Sociology and Anthropology


Quincy Joyner

Quincy Joyner

Associate Lecturer, Theatre and Film


Arturo Rodriguez, associate professor of Art

Arturo Rodriguez

Associate Professor, Art


Dr. Sujata Shetty, professor, Geography and Planning

Dr. Sujata Shetty

Professor, Geography




Meet Brittany D. Jones

Class of 2020, Doctor of Philosophy in spatially integrated social sciences

“The skills I acquired through my degree program have allowed me to confidently apply for opportunities best fit for my research. It has taught me that, as a doctorate student, you are the CEO of your degree and must stand in your truth as a contributor to universal knowledge, especially as a scholar of color.”

Brittany is one of four winners of a 2020 MAXQDA Research for Change Grant from VERBI Software and the Global Nature Fund.

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Meet Alexis Alvarado

Class of 2021, political science

“ The Office of Multicultural Success is a place to call home. I hang out there. Aleiah Jones, who works there, is my person, my mentor. If I have a bad day, I vent to her. I can’t put into words how important that relationship is to me. She helps me in my personal and school life.

My relationship with people in the Multicultural Office led to other opportunities. I got to speak to legislators in Columbus about the new higher ed budget at the annual Inter-University Council Day at the Statehouse. (2019)”

Last Updated: 12/21/23