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The College of Arts and Letters (CAL) provides students with a rigorous educational experience designed to prepare them for successful lives, both during and after college. The College fulfills its mission by providing students with access to high-quality faculty, a broad range of undergraduate majors and a deep commitment to student success. The support of our alumni is imperative to achieving these goals. 

The faculty in the College of Arts and Letters comprises top scholars, researchers and artists who are nationally and internationally renowned. Members of the faculty teach courses in a wide range of academic programs that include 35+ majors, 45+ minors and 27 graduate programs, of which three are doctoral programs. The breadth of CAL's offerings allows students to discover their passions and pursue their talents and goals in interesting and creative ways.

The faculty and staff in the College of Arts and Letters are deeply committed to supporting students on their academic journey. This support extends far beyond the classroom. Talented teachers constantly reimagine their classrooms in order to create a learning environment that challenges and inspires each and every student. In addition to faculty, dedicated advisors equally serve students who enter the College, and operate on the belief that all students deserve the highest quality, educational experience and guidance. 

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Why I Give

Matthew Nagel, '96

Matthew NagelDuring my freshman year I was fortunate to meet Don Reiber, a professor who gave so many students the opportunity to pursue their dreams in broadcast communications. Don's dedication, selflessness and ability to connect with his students was apparent. What many did not see were the countless hours he spent outside of work hours to allow his students to gain real-world broadcast experience. This experience gave us an advantage and launched our careers down a successful path.

I give to pay it forward to the next generation. I give to honor a man whom I admire more than ever 20 years after I last worked for him as a student. I give in the hope that The University of Toledo can continue to inspire its students to dream big.

I will forever hear Don directing a live football game in my head, "Ready camera one. Take camera one. Ready camera two. Focus 3. Where's the ball 2? Take 2."

Funding opportunities

The College of Arts and Letters is committed to providing students with the types of experiences that will enrich and define their academic lives. Your support will allow us to leverage more opportunities for every student in our College to engage in a meaningful and unique educational experience. The College of Arts and Letters' greatest need of support are for the following funds:

2401939 – College of Arts and Letters Progress Fund

2401950 – College of Arts and Letters General Scholarship Fund

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Last Updated: 6/27/22