Department of Communication


The Department of Communication offers a comprehensive, hands-on Bachelor of Arts in Communication degree program to help students achieve academic and personal success:

areas of study

Media Production Video Camera Icon

Media                               Production

Learn skills in

  • using high-end camera equipment
  • producing and edit video/audio
  • live sports production
  • creating content for radio and podcasting
  • directing news programs

Digital Communication

Digital                      Communication

Learn skills in 

  • creating professional digital media content
  • designing for web
  • navigating social media platforms in personal and professional contexts
  • creating social media campaigns 

Interpersonal Communication Icon

Interpersonal      Communication

Learn skills in 

  •  communicating successfully in personal and professional settings
  • analysing and improving communication behaviors
  • navigating culture, gender, ethnicity in diverse interactions

Organizational and Strategic Communication Icon

Organizational and Strategic Communication

Learn skills in

  • writing press releases for print and online media
  • event planning
  • creating strategic public relations campaigns
  • speech writing and persuasive oral presentations
Sample courses

Media                             Production


  • Audio Production I, II
  • Live Sports Production
  • Media Writing I, II
  • Media Producing and Performance
  • Multimedia Journalism
  • Single Camera Production
  • TV Studio Production

Digital                    Communication


  • Digital Design for Media
  • Integrated Media
  • Multimedia Newswriting
  • Photo Journalism
  • Social Media I, II, III
  • Storytelling in Public and Private Spaces
  • Visual Communication I, II

Interpersonal   Communication


  • Cultural Diversity in Communication
  • Family Communication
  • Gender, Culture & Communication
  • Health Communication
  • Interpersonal Communication

Organizational/Strategic Communication


  • Crisis & Conflict in Organizations
  • Organizational Communication
  • Public Relations Campaigns
  • Professional Business Communication
  • Special Event Planning



We also offer certificates! These are credentials that help you add a communication skill set to your repertoire,  while pursuing your passion. Students are awarded a certificate after taking  9 credits of related coursework in a specific area.


Explore courses in these areas:

  • Social Media/Digital Design/Visual Communication
  • InterpersonalHealth/Organizational Communication
  • Public Relations Campaigns
  • Gender and Cultural Diversity
  • Special Event Planning
  • Print/Multimedia Journalism
  • Broadcasting /Video & Audio Production/Podcasting
  • Want to shadow our ESPN sports production team? Check out our Live Sports - Behind the Broadcast shadowing program for prospective Communication students.

Students pursuing Communication can earn skills and real-world experience that will help them in their future. Our faculty and experienced professionals teach a wide variety of courses, including media writing, social media, interpersonal communication, public relations theory and practices, presentations, health communication, visual communication,  digital design, cultural diversity, and event planning, among others. Students earn real-world experience producing broadcast television shows and sporting events as well as working in campus radio and in the live production video truck. Students are trained on digital audio and video, DV cameras and equipment, and the product facilities in our HD television studio. Our experienced faculty also aim to help students develop disciplined and critical thinking and analysis.

Learn more about Communication and view a general plan of study.

Graduates from the Department of Communication can find successful and fulfilling careers in media. They often find work in television, radio, non-profit organizations, corporate communication, print journalism, online journalism or marketing.

Last Updated: 4/22/24