Disability Studies


Photo of Dr. Kim Nielsen Chair of Disability Studies at UToledo
Dr. Kim Nielsen

Ph.D., University of Iowa

Chair, Distinguished University Professor, U.S. Disability History, Disability Law, Eugenics

Office - UH 4390B



Photo of Ally Day Disability Studies at UToledo
Dr. Ally Day

Ph.D., The Ohio State University

Associate Professor, Critical Disability Studies, Disability Life Writing

Office - UH 4530A



Photo of Dr. Jim Ferris Disability Studies at UToledo
Dr. Jim Ferris

Ph.D., Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

Ability Center Endowed Chair in Disability Studies, Professor, Crip Poetics

Office - UH 4420B



Photo of Dr. Rebecca Monteleone Disability Studies at UToledo
Dr. Rebecca Monteleone

Ph.D., Arizona State University

Assistant Professor, Disability and Technology

Office - UH 4420C



Linda Curtis and professors Kim Nielsen, Jim Ferris, and Becca Monteleone stand smiling under a sign that says Disability Studies while holding a cardboard cutout of professor Ally Day.

Reshaping the conversation about disability studies

Department Chair Dr. Kim Nielsen, co-editor of The Oxford Handbook of Disability History, shows how the Disability Studies program at The University of Toledo is helping students in a broad range of majors expand their understanding of people with disabilities and how it impacts their field of study. The Disability Studies bachelor's degree program at UToledo is one of only a handful of such 4-year programs in the country! Learn more...

Last Updated: 9/19/23