Disability Studies

Disability Studies + MBA = 5 Year Program


This innovative collaboration allows students to earn both a BA in Disability Studies and a Masters in Business Administration in just five years instead of the usual six. This plan of study prepares students for policy, advocacy, health care, human resource, and management careers.


Students complete their BA in Disability Studies by the end of their 7th semester; and complete the MBA during their 8-10th semesters.  By minoring in Business students fulfill MBA prerequisites.  An internship during undergraduate years enables students to explore career focuses of interest to them and provides valuable work experience. 


Year One: Students fill out the statement of intent, meet with a professional campus advisor, and meet with the Disability Studies advisor.

Year Two: Students meet with DST and Business advisors to make sure they are fulfilling major and minor requirements.

Year Three: Students Take the GMAT, apply to the MBA Program, and get certified by LLSS for degree readiness.

Year Four: Students learn of MBA acceptance, graduate with a BA in December, and begin the MBA Program.

Year Five: Students complete graduate courses and celebrate with an MBA.


Yes!  Summer course enrollment or credit for prior experience (see the UT Credit Assessment Center) can shorten the time period required for both degrees.  Part-time enrollment is also a possibility but does lengthen time to completion.
Last Updated: 6/27/22