Disability Studies

Courses in Disability Studies


DST 2020: Introduction to Disability Studies:  an overview of the emergence of disability rights in the U.S. with an emphasis on the independent living movement, disability history, culture and representation in mass media. [3 credit hours]

DST 2410: Introduction to Deaf Studies:  introduces students to Deaf culture and history, varieties within deaf experiences, and contemporary issues shaping the lives of those with hearing impairments. [3 credit hours]

DST 2980: Special Topics in Disability Studies:  topics vary by instructor; may be repeated for credit. [3 credit hours]

DST 3030: Disability Culture: an interdisciplinary exploration of the history and culture of disability, including the issues of stigmatizing and stereotyping, communication barriers and breakthroughs, educational segregation and mainstreaming and the experience of "passing." [3 credit hours]

DST 3060: U.S. Disability History:  historical overview of the lived experiences of people defined as disabled and changing historical definitions of disability in the region that became the United States of America. [3 credit hours]

DST 3090:  Disability in American Literature: addresses a wide range of contemporary literature productions, including novels, graphic novels, plays, short stories, poetry, memoir, and personal essays, connecting these productions to an American literary genealogy and recognizing the deployment and resistance to ableism in American literature. [3 credit hours]

DST 3250: Disability and Life Narratives: examines a diverse selection of disability life narratives and considers what they reveal about disability and the dominant culture. [3 credit hours]

DST 3980: Special Topics in Disability Studies: topics vary by instructor, may be repeated for credit. [3 credit hours].

DST 4200: Crip Arts, Crip Culture: explores disability art across media and considers its relationships both with disability culture and with the culture-at-large. [3 credit hours]

DST 4400: Gender and Disability: examines gender and disability from both theoretical and lived perspectives, particularly as intersecting with other structures of power such as race, nationality, sexuality, and rights. [3 credit hours]

DST 4500:  Asylums, Prisons, and Total Institutions: explores asylums, prisons, and other total institutions to consider when and why spaces of containment have arisen. In this context we will explore how disability and madness gets defined, by whom and for what purposes; the social responses to criminality and disability in the past and in the present; and frameworks that resist the idea that spaces of segregation, such as prisons and institutions, are necessary. [3 credit hours] 

DST 4640: Disability Law and Human Rights:  analyzes the intersections between disability rights and human rights by examining the development, the ideological framework, and the legal contexts of disability law in the U.S. and global contexts. [3 credit hours]

DST 4800: Autism and Culture: examines the ongoing construction of autism and the autism spectrum, exploring the many controversies around this remarkable range of human conditions. [3 credit hours]

DST 4890: Disability Studies Research And Methodologies: an interdisciplinary exploration and review of research issues and methodologies suited to the study of disability. [3 credit hours]

DST 4940: Internship In Disability Studies: a service-learning model internship with on-campus and/or community agencies addressing disability studies issues. Sites must be approved by the instructor. [3 credit hours]

DST 4980: Special Topics in Disability Studies: topics vary by instructor; may be repeated for credit. Recent special topics have included Disability & Communication; Asylums, Prisons & Total Institutions; Disability & Sexuality; and Disability in the Middle East. [3 credit hours]

DST 4990: Capstone in Disability Studies: provides students with an opportunity to engage with professionals and professors in a seminar format for the intensive study of a topic related to Disability Studies. The focus of the seminar will change from year to year. [3 credit hours]

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