Disability Studies

The Disability Studies Program offers innovative coursework with caring faculty

undergraduate programs in Disability Studies


Why Study Disability Studies at UToledo?

Disability Studies explores the meaning of human difference – how we value some bodies and devalue others, how we accept or resist certain notions of "normal" behavior, function, and appearance. Our undergraduate programs empower students to reimagine (dis)ability and become transformational leaders in their future professional fields. Disability Studies graduates have gone on to work in allied health, higher education, nonprofit management, elected office, as well as completed graduate studies.  For students so interested, we also offer Honors in the Disability Studies Major. 

We also offer Disability Studies students access unique graduate opportunities including a 4 + 1 MBA Program and a 4 + 2 Juris Doctor.  Disability studies graduates have gone on to complete a variety of graduate programs, including Masters in Nursing, Economics, Disaster Planning & Management, Education, as well as law school. 


UToledo student using a wheelchair in class
Major in Disability Studies

Our innovative Disability Studies Major is the first of its kind in the country. We also offer a departmental honors track for students interested in expanding their ability to do academic and professional research.

Two Disability Studies students at the Toledo Zoo's 2019 ADA Day
Minor in Disability Studies

The Interdisciplinary Minor in Disability Studies allows students across campus to incorporate disability studies into their curriculum. Students studying Speech & Language Pathology, Women's Studies, and Law & Social Thought commonly minor in DST. 

three disability studies faculty members
Papenfuse Prize in Disability Studies

Each year we recognize outstanding undergraduate work in Disability Studies by DST students or students in DST courses. Learn more. 



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Kim Nielsen, Ph.D.
Professor and Program Chair of Disability Studies

Last Updated: 6/27/22