Department of Economics

1) Credit Analyst
2) Financial Advisor
3) Policy Analyst
4) Supply Chain Analyst
5) Economic Consultant


The amount growth in the job market between 2019-2029 for those with economic degrees .

Median annual wage of economists.
(U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

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In the Department of Economics, both undergraduate and graduate students gain experience-based learning in class and have the opportunity for faculty-advised research opportunities out of class. Learn how an economics degree can benefit you and your future. 



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department HIGHLIGHTS 

  • Students can participate in individualized research with faculty members. Students can receive funding for their research and present their results at conferences. Research experience plays a critical role in prestigious job and graduate school placement.
  • Exclusive scholarships for Economics students. 
  • The Economics department has a unique 4+1 program that allows undergraduate students to take up to 9 credits of graduate courses as an undergrad, this affords students the ability to graduate with a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in Economics within 5 years.

  • Graduate students all complete a faculty advised master’s paper, demonstrating their data analysis skills that future employers highly value.

  • See our Careers in Economics page for updated information about further sources regarding economics as a major and future career opportunities.


If you have any questions about our programs or career options, please contact Dave Black, Department Chair of Economics.  

Dave Black

Chair, Department of Economics

University Hall 4140-F


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