Department of Economics

Early Admission to the Master’s of Arts Program in Economics

What are you planning to do after you receive your B.A. in Economics?  Have you considered pursuing a Master’s Degree in Economics at UT?  If so, note an opportunity existing for UT Economics majors only:

UT Economics 4 +1 Program—fast track Unique Opportunity Only for UT Economics Majors: Early Admission to our One Year Master’s Program

  • UT Economics One Year Master’s Program: 8 courses (4 each semester) + Faculty Advised Master’s Paper
  • UT undergraduate students in Economics may register for 2 courses at the graduate level.
  • Since these 2 courses will count at the undergraduate and graduate level, you’ll be able to “double-dip” courses across your undergraduate and graduate degree requirements in Economics.
  • Therefore after completing the Early Admission Program you can complete 25% of the M.A. degree coursework (2 of 8 courses) as an undergraduate, requiring only 3 courses each semester to receive the M.A. Degree in Economics.
  • This means that within two semesters of graduating with your B.A. degree you could receive your Master’s Degree in Economics: 4 (B.A.) + 1 (M.A.)—fast track.

Description: The Early Admission program allows upper-division undergraduate students with a major in Economics to enroll for graduate-level credit in up to 9 hours of 4/5000 level Economics courses. The student will register for the course at the 5000-level and receive credit at both the graduate and undergraduate level. To be successful at the graduate level, the undergraduate student must complete all graduate-level requirements of the course and be evaluated by the same criteria as the graduate students. Note that undergraduate instructional fees will be applied to graduate credit hours.


  • Major in Economics
  • Only 5000-level courses in Economics may be included

Application Process:

  • Complete the application.
  • Include two letters of recommendation (at least one of which must be from Economics faculty members).
  • Submit completed application to Dr. Oleg Smirnov, Graduate Director, Department of Economics, The University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio  43606
  • Work with Dr. Smirnov to complete a graduate plan of study indicating the courses that will receive graduate and undergraduate credit

For further Information, please contact either:

  • Our Graduate Director:
Dr. Oleg Smirnov
Graduate Director
4110B U-Hall

  • Our Undergraduate Advisor:
Dr. David Black
Undergraduate Advisor
4140F U-Hall

Last Updated: 6/21/22