Department of Economics

Early Admission to Masters in Economics Program

What are you planning to do after you receive your B.A. in Economics?  Have you considered pursuing a Master’s Degree in Economics at UT?  If so, note an opportunity existing for UT Economics majors only:

UT Economics 4 +1 Program—fast track Unique Opportunity Only for UT Economics Majors: Early Admission to our One Year Master’s Program

  • UT Economics One Year Master’s Program: 8 courses (4 each semester) + Faculty Advised Master’s Paper
  • UT undergraduate students in Economics may register for 2 courses at the graduate level.
  • Since these 2 courses will count at the undergraduate and graduate level, you’ll be able to “double-dip” courses across your undergraduate and graduate degree requirements in Economics.
  • Therefore after completing the Early Admission Program you can complete 25% of the M.A. degree coursework (2 of 8 courses) as an undergraduate, requiring only 3 courses each semester to receive the M.A. Degree in Economics.
  • This means that within two semesters of graduating with your B.A. degree you could receive your Master’s Degree in Economics: 4 (B.A.) + 1 (M.A.)—fast track.

Description: The Early Admission program allows upper-division undergraduate students with a major in Economics to enroll for graduate-level credit in up to 9 hours of 4/5000 level Economics courses. The student will register for the course at the 5000-level and receive credit at both the graduate and undergraduate level. To be successful at the graduate level, the undergraduate student must complete all graduate-level requirements of the course and be evaluated by the same criteria as the graduate students. Note that undergraduate instructional fees will be applied to graduate credit hours.

Questions? Contact our Advisors

Dr. Onur Sapci

Undergraduate Advisor


Dr. Oleg Smirnov

Graduate Advisor



  • Major in Economics
  • Only 5000-level courses in Economics may be included

Application Process:

  • Complete the application.
  • Include two letters of recommendation (at least one of which must be from Economics faculty members).
  • Submit completed application to Dr. Oleg Smirnov, Graduate Director, Department of Economics, The University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio  43606
  • Work with Dr. Smirnov to complete a graduate plan of study indicating the courses that will receive graduate and undergraduate credit
Last Updated: 11/9/22