Department of English Language and Literature

Typography Laboratory

The English Department's Typography Laboratory is located in Field House 1310, and is run by Professor Tim Geiger. The lab is the home of Professor Geiger's Aureole Press, a literary fine press, as well as courses in The Art and Process of the Book and Typography and Publication (see current course offerings for information on these courses).

Job case

A job case contains type ready to be set.

Type case

Type is stored in drawers, each limited to a particular font at a particular size.

Type in forme

Lines of type are created using composing sticks and then arranged in formes for printing.

Wooden blocks

Wood blocks can be engraved by hand for illustrations or custom-designed type.

Engraved wooden blocks

Engraved wood blocks.


The press.

Sewing the spine

Tim Geiger sews a book using a single signature.

Tim's hands

The quire is sewn through its fold.

Photographs by Andrew Mattison.

Last Updated: 6/27/22