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Joseph Gamble

Joseph Gamble Assistant Professor
FH 1820
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Joseph Gamble (PhD Michigan, they/them or he/him) is an Assistant Professor and specializes in early modern literature and culture, as well as gender and sexuality studies. They are currently at work on two book-length projects. The first, Sex Lives of the Early Moderns, investigates how early modern English women and men learned how to have sex. Collating the various quotidian practices through which early moderns acquired sexual knowledge—improvisation and fumbling around; felicitous accidents and whispered tips; and reading, watching, and viewing representations of sexual relationships on the stage, on the page, and on the walls around them—Sex Lives of the Early Moderns raises the colloquialism “sex life” to the status of a theoretical and historical analytic concept. Their second book-length project, Trans Philologies, examines how gender nonconforming people across the past five-hundred years have rendered their lives livable in part by restructuring the English language. 

Recent Publications Include:
"Practicing Sex." Journal for Early Modern Cultural Studies, vol. 19, no. 1, 2019, pp. 85-116.
"Toward a Trans Philology." Early Modern Trans Studies, special issue of Journal for Early Modern Cultural Studies, vol. 19, no. 4, 2019, pp. 26-44.
"The Sex Lives of Shakespearean Women." Shakespeare Studies, vol. 48, 2020, pp. 132-138. 

Dr. Gamble teaches courses on early modern literature (including Shakespeare), modern drama, and contemporary LGBTQ literature and culture.



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