Department of English Language and Literature

ENGL 1010 College Composition I Co-Requisite

3 credit hours (3, 0, 0)]

Explanatory and persuasive writing in both personal and public genres; instruction and practice in generating, focusing, developing, researching and presenting ides in ways consistent with one's subject, purposes and intended audiences. Students enrolled in ENGL 1010 receive additional time to work with instructors and students each week.  Placement: ACT score below 18, SAT below 480, Accuplacer Sentence Skills below 88, or HS GPA below 2.76. Students who receive a grade of C or better enroll in Composition II; those who receive No Credit enroll in ENGL 1110. From Composition I Co-requisite, Composition I and Composition II, no more than 6 hours apply to graduation.

Last Updated: 6/27/22