Department of English Language and Literature

Composition I - Course Description

ENGL 1110: College Composition I

[3 credit hours (3, 0, 0)]

Explanatory and persuasive writing in both personal and public genres; instruction and practice in generating, focusing, developing, researching and presenting ideas in ways consistent with one's subject, purposes and intended audience. ESL students must have completed ENGLĀ 1020 with grade of Pass. From Composition I with Workshop, Composition I and Composition II, no more than 6 hours apply toward graduation.

Prerequisites: ACT Composite with a score of 18 or Accuplacer Sentence Skls Engl with a score of 88 or Accuplacer NG Writing with a score of 263 or TOTAL SCORE with a score of 940

Term Offered: Spring, Summer, Fall

Core English Composition, Trans Mod English Composition

Last Updated: 7/15/24