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In the text, The Call to Write, John Trimbur states that “Proposals put forth plans of action and seek to persuade readers that those plans should be implemented. Like commentary, proposals involve analyzing issues, taking a position, and making an argument. However, proposals go beyond commentaries by defining problems that need attention and proposing a solution.”

A Proposal that is both capable of solving the problem and suitable for doing so is said to be feasible. To have a chance of being implemented, a Proposal needs to establish that its solution will have the intended effects and that it fits the situation.

Proposals typically require research and need to convince readers. Proposals are a form of persuasive writing, and clear statements of problems and solutions, demonstrations of feasibility, documentation through research, and careful organization can all help make a Proposal persuasive to readers.

The following are a list of helpful resources (both online and print) to help you get started on writing a Proposal:

Handouts (from the Writing Studio webpage)

Online Sources (Articles and PDFs)

Online Sources (Websites)

Visual Sources

Last Updated: 6/27/22