Department of English Language and Literature

English Minor

Beginning in 2014, the English Department is offering a new Minor in English, designed to be flexible enough to include Literature, Creative Writing, and Linguistics courses appropriate to students' interests. It emphasizes depth rather than breadth, requiring a significant amount of advanced work, without the same coverage requirements as the English Major.


The minor requires eighteen credits of coursework in six courses, covering the following four categories:

  1. Introduction to critical reading
    One course drawn from ENGL 3600 (American Lit. Traditions), 3610 (British Lit. Traditions), 3670 (Postcolonial, Diasporic, and Non-white Literature), 3770 (World Literature) or 3810 (Shakespeare).
  2. Writing (creative, persuasive, or critical)
    One course drawn from 3010 (Creative Writing), 3050 (Persuasive Writing), 3020 (Reading for Writers), or 3790 (Foundations of Literary Study).
  3. At least three English courses at the 4000-level
    At least one must be a literature course (numbered between 4200 and 4890).
  4. English elective at the 3000- or 4000-level
Last Updated: 6/27/22