Department of Geography and Planning

Geography Colloquium Series 

The Department of Geography & Planning Hosts a Bi-Weekly Colloquium Series. The series features presentations by geography professionals on their research. Colloquium topics include environmental, transportation, cultural, and economic geography.

The Colloquium Series


  • Exposes geography students to research methodology through example
  • Introduces the students to our local geospatial professionals
    Illustrates the diverse career potentials a degree in spatial sciences merits
  • Encourages discussion through a question and answer session on the presentation.
  • Graduate students are strongly encouraged to attend!

SPRING 2019 Colloquium Schedule 

February 1st
Yanqing Xu, University of Toledo - Applications of GIS in Public Health and Crime Analysis

February  15th
Derek Alderman, University of Tennessee - The Maps Behind the Movement: African American Freedom Struggles as Geographical Work

March 15th
Kalyn Rossiter, Ohio Northern University

March 29th
Stephanie Ryberg-Webster, Cleveland State University
Note: Meets at Fridays 2:30 p.m. - 3:30 Synder Memorial 3066. 

Spring 2019 Colloquium PDF

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