Department of Geography and Planning

Graduate Programs

Master of Arts Program

Geography is a spatial science that looks at the ways humans interact with their environment in our continuously changing world.
Planning is an applied science based on decision-making, finding usable land and developing communities.

Students study issues that are critical to all living beings like global warming, economic development, resource management, land use conflict and population growth, to name a few.

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Graduate Certificates

The skills and knowledge gained by students who complete graduate certificates can well prepare them to enter the workforce as trained planners across a range of agencies and organizations. A graduate certificate can also be used by those currently employed to add to their credentials in order to expand or advance their careers.  In addition, some students enrolled in other graduate programs at the University Toledo – including the Geography M.A. and the master's degree in Public Administration - can use their elective hours toward certificates.

DoctorAL Program - SISS

The Ph.D. in Spatially Integrated Social Science (SISS) received final approval from the Ohio Board of Regents in August of 2008 and we admitted the first class of students in the Fall Semester of 2009.  The program is housed in the Department of Geography and Planning and is a cooperative effort between the Departments of Economics; Geography and Planning; Political Science and Public Administration; and Sociology and Anthropology.

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Last Updated: 6/27/22