Department of Geography and Planning

Graduate-Level Courses

GEPL 5180

Geographic Information Systems Application  4
Advanced applications in geographic information systems (GIS) with an emphasis on advanced GIS analysis techniques, Global Positioning System applications in GIS, database design, and a survey of vector- and raster-based GIS software and databases. Research project required.
GEPL 5210 Land Use Planning 3
A broad review of urban and regional planning in the US and Western Europe, introducing land use planning concepts and practices and their role in shaping the direction of urban development.
GEPL 5490 Remote Sensing Environment 4
Immersion in theory, methods, and techniques used to gather and analyze remote sensor data. Topics range from low altitude air photo interpretation through satellite image acquisition. Recommended GEPL 3550.

GEPL 5500

Digital Image Analysis 4
Explores digital image analysis techniques such as classification and principal components analysis. Terrestrial and coastal applications of satellite image analysis are performed in intensive laboratory sessions. Prerequisite: GEPL 4490 or 5490.
GEPL 5510 Geographic Information Systems 4
Introduction to computerized methods for the capture, storage, management, analysis and display of spatially-referenced data for the solution of planning, management and research problems. Prerequisite: GEPL 2400.
GEPL 5520  Analytical and Computer Cartography 4
The theoretical and mathematical foundations of the mapping process in a digital environment. An introduction to the structure and manipulation of graphic and nongraphic geographical data to produce maps. Prerequisite: GEPL 5510
GEPL 5530  Principles of Urban Planning 3
Elaborations on planning theory. The planner's role in land use regulation, economic development, housing and social service delivery is reviewed.

GEPL 5550

Community Economic Development Planning 3
This course explores community-based alternatives and bottom-up development as a response to economic and social difficulties. The specific issues, strategies, and applications of this approach are discussed.
GEPL 5570  Land Development and Planning 4
The exploration of theoretical location analysis, pragmatic land development issues and analytic feasibility tools, and the consequences of land use policies that affect development.
GEPL 5580  Location Analysis 4
The application of geographic location theory, spatial interaction modeling, optimization techniques and geographic information system processing to the solution of facility location problems. Prerequisite: GEPL 5570

GEPL 5600

Urban Design 3
Concepts and procedures for the organization, design and development of public and private urban forms and spaces at the micro-level, including a survey of intraurban elements, cultural, ecological and aesthetic considerations, historic preservation, and interdisciplinary collaboration. Research project required.
GEPL 5890 Field Experience 3
Personal explorations of urban space and place emphasizing an array of practical and ethical issues in the collection and interpretation of primary geographic data.
GEPL 5910 Directed Research 1-3
Prerequisite: Consent of Instructor

GEPL 5920

Readings in Geography 1-3
Prerequisite: Consent of Instructor
GEPL 6100 Philosophy and Methodology 3
Past and current trends in geographic thought and related methodological implications, with elaborations by current faculty members.
GEPL 6150 Seminar-Research Methods 4
A computer-based course in geographic research methodology. The course includes an introduction to research design, data measurement, spatial sampling and multivariate approaches to the study of areal networks and spatial distributions.
GEPL 6160 Seminar-Spatial Analysis 4
A computer-based laboratory course in multivariate spatial analysis methodologies. The course includes the study of spatial graphics and mapping, computerized regionalization, areal forecasting and predictive modeling techniques. Prerequisite: GEPL 6150

GEPL 6170

Survey Research Methods in Planning and Geography 4
The exploration and application of qualitative and survey research methods used by urban planners and geographers to examine the human, social, and physical systems of our living environment.
GEPL 6190  Advanced Geographic Information Systems Seminar 4
Seminar in advanced GIS topics which include database design, spatial analysis and specialized application to spatial problems. Prerequisite: GEPL 5180
GEPL 6300 Seminar in Resource Management 3
Intensive group study of major themes in the resource management literature. Primary emphasis is placed on individual student research projects oriented toward resource management problems.
GEPL 6400 Seminar/Environmental Perception 3
Explores current research in environmental perception/behavioral geography. Addresses how environmental perception (or, cognition) affects the way people respond to and interact with their surroundings.

GEPL 6530

Urban/Regional Planning Applications 3
The course applies forecasting and projection techniques to urban and regional problems. Population, economic base, land use, retail and fiscal impact analyses are examined
GEPL 6550  Seminar in Environmental Planning 3
Intensive group study of major goals and methodologies of environmental planning. Major emphasis is placed upon individual student research projects oriented toward specific environmental planning problems.
GEPL 6570 Seminar in Neighborhood Revitalization 3
Intensive group study of major themes in the revitalization of urban neighborhoods, both residential and commercial. Major emphasis is placed upon individual residential and commercial. Major emphasis is placed upon individual student research projects oriented toward specific revitalization problems.
GEPL 6580  Urban Development and Housing 3

Course examines the changing land use and functions of metropolitan regions. City suburban linkages, urban restructuring, urban policy and metropolitan planning issues are examined.

GEPL 6590 Seminar-Health Care System Design 3
A seminar in theoretical and applied location issues related to medical geography and health care delivery systems. Emphasis is placed on the allocation of services to meet the geographic distribution of health needs.

GEPL 6700

Teaching Practicum in Geography 1-6
Methods of teaching geography in a university of college setting. Supervision of labs or discussion
GEPL 6910  Problems in Geography 1-2
The course is used to search for a thesis topic prior to formal admittance as a M.A candidate.
GEPL 6930 General Seminar 3
Specified courses numbered 6931-99 as yet determined. Prerequisite: 6 hrs in geography and consent of instructor.
GEPL 6940  Internship in Planning 1-6

Professional work experience with a Greater Toledo planning organization related to academic education.

GEPL 6960 Thesis 1-12
Work on a thesis is the culmination of graduate education and occupies most of the second year.


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