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Journal Publications

Wilson, G., Doraiswamy, N., Porter, K., Czerniak, C., Tuttle, N., Czajkowski, K. 2014. The Teacher Leader Model Standards in context: Analyzing a program of teacher leadership development to contextual behaviors of teacher leaders, Science Teacher Education (Submitted). Abstract

Chu, H., J. F. Gottgens, J. Chen, G. Sun, A. R. Desai, Z. Ouyang, C. Shao, and K. Czajkowski, 2014. Climatic variability, hydrologic anomaly, and methane emission can turn productive freshwater marches into net carbon sources. Global Change Biology (accepted). Abstract

Doraiswamy, N., Porter, K., Wilson, G., Paprzycki, P., Czerniak, C., Tuttle, N., Czajkowski, K. (Submitted). Development and validation of an instrument to assess teacher leadership behaviors in an NSF-funded MSP. Journal of School Leadership. Abstract

Anastasoff, J., Tuttle, N. Czajkowski, K., Czerniak, C.M. (Submitted). Do It Yourself: Students Design Investigations to Combat Global Climate Change. The Science Teacher. Abstract

McCloskey, T., Tuttle, N., Petty, S. M., Czajkowski, K., Czerniak, C. (Submitted). Teaching Sustainability to Elementary Students: Bringing the Community to School. Science and Children. Abstract

Chu, H, J. Chen , J. Gottgens , Z. Ouyang , R. John , K. P. Czajkowski , R. Becker. 2014. Net ecosystem CH4 and CO2 exchanges in a Lake Erie coastal marsh and a nearby cropland, Journal of Geophysical Research –Biogeosciences, 119, 722-740. Abstract

Riehl, Peggy T., Tuttle, N., Czerniak, Charlene M., Czajkowski, Kevin P. (Accepted). A Case Study in the Stewardship of Creation: Project-Based Learning and Catholic Social Teaching in a Climate Change Curriculum. Journal of Sustainability Education. Abstract

Obringer, M., Tuttle, N., Czajkowski, K., Czerniak, C.M. (Submitted). What is a Foot Under Your Feet?: A Project-Based Science Unit for Fifth Graders. Science and Children. Abstract

Mahoney, T., Tuttle, N., Czerniak, C.M., Czajkowski, K. (Submitted). The New Face of Professional Development: Using Project-Based Learning as a Model for Teacher Professional Development. Educational Leadership.

Adaktilou, N., R. Landenberger, K. Czajkowski, and M-L. Hedley, 2013. Using geospatial technology to enhance science teaching and learning: A case study presenting the vision and impacts of the 'SATELLITES' geo-science program, International Journal of Science Education, in review. Abstract

Hedley, M-L., M.A. Templin, K. Czajkowski, and C. Czerniak, 2013, The Use of Geospatial Technologies Instruction Within a Student/Teacher/Scientist Partnership: Increasing Students' Geospatial Skills and Atmospheric Concept Knowledge, J. Geoscience Education, 61, 161-169. Abstract

Esseili, M.A., I.I. Kassem, V. Sigler, K. Czajkowski, and A. Ames, 2012, Genetic evidence for the offsite transport of E. coli associated with land application of Class B biosolids on agricultural fields, Science of the Total Environment, 433, 273-280. Abstract

Farhang Akbar-Khanzadeh, April Ames, Michael Bisesi, Sheryl Milz, Kevin Czajkowski & Ashok Kumar (2012): Particulate Matter (PM) Exposure Assessment—Horizontal and Vertical PM Profiles in Relation to Agricultural Activities and Environmental Factors in Farm Fields, Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene, 9:8, 502-516. Abstract

Hedley, M-L, K. Czajkowski, J. Struble, T. Benko, B. Shellito, S. Sheridan, M. Munro-Stasiuk, 2012, Celebrate with SATELLITES, reprinted in Fuel for Thought: Building Energy Awareness in Grades 9-12, NSTA Press, Ed. Steve Metz, Mar. 2012, 57-68. 

Bhat, A., Kumar, A., and Czajkowski, K.,Development and evaluation of a dispersion model to predict downwind concentrations of particulate emissions from land application of Class B biosolids in unstable conditions, "Indoor and Outdoor Air Pollution", ISBN 978-953-307-981-3, InTech, Croatia, 2011 (in press). Abstract

Maruthi Sridhar, B.B., R.K. Vincent, S.J. Roberts and K. Czajkowski. 2011. Remote sensing of soybean stress as an indicator of chemical concentration of biosolid amended surface soils. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation 13: 676-681. Abstract

Wu, Chenxi, Spongberg, Alison, Witter, Jason, Fang, Min, Czajkowski, Kevin, Ames, April 2010, Dissipation and leaching potential of selected pharmaceutically active compounds in soils amended with biosolids, Arch. Environ. Contam. Toxicol., 59, 343-351. Abstract

Wu, Chenxi, Spongberg, Alison, Witter, Jason, Fang, Min, Czajkowski, Kevin, 2010, Uptake of pharmaceutical and personal care products by soybean plants from soils applied with biosolids and irrigated with contaminated water, Environmental Science and Technology , 44, 6157-6161. Abstract

Wu, C., A. Spongberg, J. Witter, M. Fang, A. Ames and K. Czajkowski, 2010. Detection of pharmaceuticals and personal care products in agricultural soils receiving biosolids application, Clean-Soil, Air, Water, 38(3), 230-237. Abstract

Wu, C., J. Witter, A. Spongberg, K. Czajkowski, 2009, Occurrence of selected pharmaceuticals in an agricultural landscape, western Lake Erie basin, Water Research, 42, 3407-3416. Abstract

Hedley, M-L, K. Czajkowski, J. Struble, T. Benko, B. Shellito, S. Sheridan, M. Munro-Stasiuk, 2009, Celebrate with SATELLITES, The Science Teacher (NSTA), Jan. 2009, 27-33. 

Lambert, J., M. Munro-Stasiuk, K. Czajkowski, T. Benko, B. Shellito, M-L. Hedley, S. Sheridan, C. Merry, and J. Struble, 2008, SATELLITES: Students and Teachers Exploring Local Landscapes to Interpret the Earth from Space, Journal of Geoscience Education, 56, 383-393. Abstract

Hedley, M-L, K. Czajkowski, T. Benko, R. Landenberger, B. Shellito, M. Munro-Stasiuk, and J. Struble, 2008, SATELLITES: A Geospatial Technology Program for Teachers and Students, The Earth Scientist, 27, 11-13.

Khuder, S., S. Milz, M. Bisesi, R. Vincent, W. McNulty, K. Czajkowski, 2007, Health Survey of Residents Living Near Biosolids Permitted Farm Fields,Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health, 62, 5-11. Abstract

Witter, J.D., A.L. Spongberg and K.P. Czajkowki, 2007. Diurnal Soil Temperature Within the GLOBE Program Dataset. Journal of Geography, 106, 13-19. Abstract

Ault, T., K. P. Czajkowski, T. Benko, J. Coss, J. Struble, A. Spongberg, M. Templin, and C. Gross, 2006, Validation of the MODIS Snow Product (MOD10) and Cloud Mask Using Student and NWS Cooperative Station Observations, Remote Sensing of Environment, 105, 341-353. Abstract

Torbick, N. P. Lawrence, K.P. Czajkowski, 2006, Application and Assessment of an Expert System for Wetlands identification in Northwest Ohio, USA, Journal of Environmental Monitoring and Restoration, 2, 26-37.

Dunham, S., M. Fonstad, S. Anderson, K. Czajkowski, 2005, Using Multi-temporal Satellite Imagery to Monitor the Response of Vegetation to Drought in the Great Lakes Region, GIScience & Remote Sensing, 42, 185-201. Abstract

Torbick, N, P. Lawrence, and K. Czajkowski,, 2004, The Maumee River Watershed in Northwestern Ohio Inventoried with GIS, ArcNEWS, 30-31.Abstract

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Ouaidrari, H., S. N. Goward, K. P. Czajkowski, J. A. Sobrino, S. Liang, and E. Vermote, 2002, Land surface temperature estimation from AVHRR thermal infrared measurements: an assessment for the AVHRR land Pathfinder II data set.  Remote Sensing of Environment,81, 114-128 . Abstract

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Prince, S. D., Goetz, S. J., Dubayah, R., Czajkowski, K., and Thawley, M., 1998, Inference of surface and air temperature, atmospheric precipitable water and vapor pressure deficit using AVHRR satellite observations: validation of algorithms. Journal of Hydrology , 213, 230-249. Abstract

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Book Chapters

Czajkowski, K.P., T. Benko, T. Ault, 2013, Satellite Imagery Enables Urban Heat Island Determination, AGI Environmental Awareness Series, editors Rebecca Dodge and Russel Congalton, pp. 44-45.

Czajkowski, K.P. and P.L. Lawrence, 2013, Chapter 8: GIS and Remote Sensing Applications for Watershed Planning in the Maumee River Basin, Ohio, in Geospatial Tools and Urban Water Resources, Ed. Patrick L. Lawrence, Springer, 131-144. Link

Bhat, A., A. Kumar and K. Czajkowski, 2011, Development and Evaluation of a Dispersion Model to Predict Downwind Concentrations of Particulate Emissions from Land Application of Class B Biosolids, Indoor and Outdoor Air Pollution, Ed. Jose Orosa, InTech. Link

Czajkowski, K.P, A. Ames, B. Alam, S. Milz, R. Vincent, W. McNulty, T. W. Ault, M. Bisesi, B. Fink, S. Khuder, T. Benko, J. Coss, D. Czajkowski, S. Sritharan, K. Nedunuri, S. Nikolov, J. Witter, and A. Spongberg, 2010, Application of GIS in Evaluating the Potential Impacts of Land Application of Biosolids on Human Health. Geospatial Technologies and Environment: Applications, Policies and Management, Ed. Nancy Pullen and Mark Patterson, Springer, Vol 3, 200 p. Link

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Hall, D. K., P. M. Montesano, J. L. Foster, G. A. Riggs, R. E. J. Kelly and K. Czajkowski, Preliminary Evaluation of the AFWA-NASA Blended Snow-Cover Product Over the Lower Great Lakes region, Proceedings from the 64th Eastern Snow Conference, St. Johns, Newfoundland, 2007.

Czajkowski, K. P., T. Benko and J. Struble, Global change and remote sensing summer teacher workshop and observation program, Proceedings from the 11th Annual Education Symposium, American Meteorological Society, Jan. 13-17, 2002, p. 87-89.

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