Department of Geography and Planning

Masters Theses


Student Name Title Advisor
McCullough, Christina M. Building a Replicable Flood Forecast Mitigation Support System to Simplify Emergency Decision-Making2011 David Nemeth
Chohaney, Michael Secrets beneath the soil : a mixed methods necrogeographic investigation of Romany ("Gypsy") memorial sites 2012 David Nemeth
Danforth, Lindsey   Peter Lindquist
Li, Han Modeling gentrification on census tract level in Chicago from 1990 to 2000 2012 Dan Hammel
Mierzwiak, Sara   Patrick Lawrence
Minor, J. Kyle    
Moore, michael S. Denied: A 2006 and 2009 Comparison of Mortgage Lending in the Toledo Metropolitan Statistical Area  2011 Dan Hammel
Zhuo, Hong GIS-based Spatial Accessibility Analysis to High Schools by Transit in Toledo Area in 2010 2012 Bhuiyan Alam
Cochran, Nancy    
Dindyal, Roger    
Holm, Benjamin    
Ren, Jie Mapping cyanobacterial blooms in the western basin of Lake Erie using MERIS 2012  
Rowand, Kelly    
Chen, Xueying An Analysis of the Pattern of Mortgage Foreclosures in Lucas County, Ohio  2010 Daniel J. Hammel 
Chung, Jaerin A Quantitative Assessment of the HOPE VI program from 1993 to 1998  2010 Daniel Hammel, Ph.D 
Eckert, Jeanette Food Systems, Planning and Quantifying Access: How Urban Planning Can Strengthen Toledo’s Local Food System  2010 Sujata Shetty 
Kusek, Weronika The Possibility for Spatially Clustered Developments of LGBT Neighborhoods in Poznan, Poland  2010 Daniel J. Hammel 
Li, Xuan Planning for Spatial Analysis of Links between Parkinson Disease and Pesticide Exposure  2011 Kevin Czajkowski 
Porter, Brett Providing a Template for Future Commodity Flow on the Great Lakes: The Use of an Origin-Constrained Spatial Interaction Model to Estimate the Flow of Coal by Waterborne Vessel  2011 Peter Lindquist 
Schafer, Sarah A GIS Connection between Brownfield Sites, Transportation and Infrastructure: An Economic Redevelopment Tool for Toledo-Lucas County, Ohio  2011 Peter Lindquist 
Thompson, James Identifying Subsurface Tile Drainage Systems Utilizing Remote Sensing Techniques  2010  
Crites, Joshua  Personal reflections in Berlin's built environment : ideology and symbolism in the government district and Alexanderplatz 2009  
Danish, Farzana  Examination of the Performance of AERMOD Model under Different Wind Conditions  Ashok Kumar 
Davis, Angelyn  A local approach to growing Toledo : mixed-use urban homesteading as a supplemental solution to downtown economic revitalization  2009 Sujata Shetty 
Jiang, Yitong  Identification of Sewage Sludge Injection Application on Harvested Agricultural Fields Using Landsat TM Data  2010 Kevin Czajkowski 
Meyer, Eric  Performing Location Allocation Measures with a GIS for Fire Stations in Toledo, Ohio  2011 Peter Lindquist 
Randall, Jessica     
Spencer, Susan     
Strauss, Michael  Tropical Africa and Generation Kalashnikov: The AK47’s Role in Shaping an African Identity  2011 David Nemeth 
Stoll, Michael  Sludge, Politics, Media and America: The Perception of Waste  2010 Kevin Czajkowski 
Gong, Amos     
Duhan, Neil     
Chappell, Darian  Prisons Used as Economic Development in Rural Communities 2012  Sujata Shetty 
Closson, Keith  Fifth-Third Field as a redevelopment node : a micro-area analysis of downtown Toledo, Ohio 2009 Sujata Shetty 
Wilson, Grant     
Dean, David  An Application of Geospatial Technology to Geographic Response Plans for Oil Spill Response Planning in the Western Basin of Lake Erie 2009 Kevin Czajkowski 
Thebo, Paul     
Wiemer, anne     
Schafer, Guy M.  Identifying Bio-Diesel Production Facility Locations for Home Heating Fuel Applications Within the Midwest Region of the United States  2011 Peter Lindquist 
Christopher P. Sadowski  Site identification of large megawatt wind turbine engines within the city of Cleveland by means of using GIS  2009 Patrick Lawrence  
Durham, Tara     
Hayase, Rumiki    
Kirsch, Nate    
Kronovich, Blake    
Lewandowski, Josh    
Nied, Dan    
Schafer, Guy    
Siebold, Jennifer    
Swartz, Katie    
Blake, Erik    
Grago, Scott    
Dhar, Samir    
Fagans, Maureen    
Gerwin, Kari    
Haney, P     
Hedges, Ryan    
Jowett, Jeff    
Nikolov S    
Rader Jennifer    
Spalvieri, Mike    
Wu Xiachun    
LaCore, Amy    
Adu-Brempong, Kofi    
Czajkowski, David    
Sankara, Sridhar    
Venkata, Palem    
Wallace, Matthew    
Zhang, Xiaozhong    
Chapin, Ryan    
Dennis, Patrick    
LaPlante, Jeff    
Navarre, Kevin    
Torbick, Nathan    
Yao, Ling    
Chapin, Ryan D Identifying the barriers to the land use principles of the Bozeman 2020 Community Plan Sonia Hirt
Fedders, Mark Comparison of DEMs generated from ASTER satellite imagery and Digital Line Graphs for flat terrain Kevin Czajkowski
Gottfried, Matthew C. The utility of visualizing three-dimensional build-out analysis for local land-use planning : building consensus through visual preference Samuel Aryeetey-Attoh
Joys, Joanne C. Rix's Bears David Nemeth
Taylor, Crystal Rachelle Accessibility and options for transit dependent individuals with food security problems in Toledo, Ohio David Nemeth
Yao, Ling Evaluating the effect of Minimum Noise Fraction transformation (MNF) in crop classification using multi-temporal landsat images  Kevin Czajkowski
Michel, Eric B  Modeling species distributions : an object domain approach  Peter Lindquist
Nagol, Jyotteshwar R  Understanding the Temperature-Vegetation Index from remotely sensed AVHRR data using Oklahoma Mesonet  Kevin Czajkowski 
Palem, Srikanth Venkata  Design and implementation of an internet based spatial decision support system (SDSS) for freight management Peter Lindquist 
Sachs, Michael  Opportunities to create a university urban village : Secor Gardens and the University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio  Patrick Lawrence 
Schroeder, Christopher G  A plaza to be looked down upon : an analysis of Toledo Spain Plaza  Sonia Hirt 
Smith, Gavin Corey  Landscape suitability analysis : a geographic information systems approach to community planning in Fulton County, Ohio  Patrick Lawrence 
Torbick, Nathan M  The utilization of remote sensing and geographic information system (GIS) for the development of a wetlands classification and inventory for the lower Maumee River Watershed, Lucas County, Ohio Advisor: Patrick Lawrence 
Anderson, Russell W The relationship between urban sprawl and the urban heat island effect in Toledo, Ohio for the years 1984 and 1999: a remote sensing perspective Kevin Czajkowski
Angeli, Andrea The Covered Staircases Of Toledo David Nemeth
Breymaier, James R India and the (re)naming of Bombay as Mumbai : a study in place names and power David Nemeth
Coss, James Gregory Mapping levels of impervious surfaces using Landsat 7 Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus  Peter Lindquist
Li, Li Snow cover variability using NSIDC Ease-Grid and MODIS data in Ohio and Indiana  Kevin Czajkowski
Mather, Steven V Techniques for enhancement of thermal infrared measurements Kevin Czajkowski
Palmer, Michael Land use/land cover classification and wetland detection of upper Auglaize watershed for input to SWAT model Kevin Czajkowski
Pressler, Corey S Urban recreational paved trails and the people who use them : a seasonal study of users on the University/Parks Trail in Toledo, Ohio Sonia Hirt
Schaad, Brandon R Greenway trails and spatial equity in Lucas Country, Ohio David Nemeth
Sessoms, Nate J  Discrepancies Between Home Sale Prices And Assessed Home Values : An Equity-Based Study Of Selected communities in Cuyahoga County Samuel Aryeetey-Attoh 
Wagoner, Jeffrey S Analysis And Trends Of The Spatial Distribution Of Manufacturing Employment In Ohio Counties 1987-19 Neil Reid
Zhang, Xiaozhong  Inter-regional migration and the economic spillover effects : the case of China Christopher Shove
Ault, Timothy William  Creating an automated method for aerial photo detection of purple loosestrife in Northwest Ohio David Nemeth
Schardt, Melissa  Alternative ways to mitigate unplanned growth and urban sprawl : a case study of Beaufort County, South Carolina Samuel Aryeetey-Attoh 
Schwab, Bradley S  Mason Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Master Plan Samuel Aryeetey-Attoh 
Snapp, Jenny Rebecca  A comprehensive plan of North Lewisburg, Ohio Samuel Aryeetey-Attoh
Turnbough, Rosa L  A tale as old as time : the segregation of blacks in inner cities Samuel Aryeetey-Attoh 
Clifford Browne Mount Rushmore and the Black Hills: The Architecture of Ideology in a Contested Space David Nemeth
Garey, Thomas L Sequent occupance in the Birmingham ethnic neighborhood of east Toledo, Ohio : 1880-2001 David Nemeth
Gedeon, David  Swan Creek Watershed Plan of Action, 2001  Samuel Aryeetey-Attoh 
Li, Quan The Effects of El Nino/La Nina Phenomenon on Corn Yield in the Midwest of the United States Peter Lindquist
Wraight , Kimberly L Developing Geographic Information System Implementation Plan For Washtenaw County Samuel Aryeetey-Attoh
Wang, Zhongze Urban Sprawl in Lucas County, Ohio - A Remote Sensing Perspective Kevin Czajkowski
Wastler, Wayne A GIS Evaluation of the Spatial Relationship Between the University of Toledo Off-Campus Shuttle Bus System and the Distribution of Students. Peter Lindquist
Anand, Ashoo Policy implications towards a land use management plan for the Maumee River area of concern (AOC)  Kevin Czajkowski
Patricia Bellaire  An Analysis of Mortgage Lending Patterns and Trends in the Toledo MSA 1990-1994 Samuel Aryeetey-Attoh 
Cornwell, Janelle An Inventory and Assessment of the Redevelopment Potential of Selected Brownfield Sites in the City of Toledo  
Erjavec, John Reciprocity and the Built Environment Neil Reid
Goodrich, Frederick The Nature of Urban Sprawl in Lucas County, Ohio Samuel Aryeetey-Attoh
Nemeth, Robert Relativism within Geography David Nemeth
Nowaczyk, Elizabeth An evaluation of potential strategies targeted at reducing personal transportation emissions in the Toledo Metropolitan region Peter Lindquist
Sackmann, Leitha Airport Highway Corridor Study, Fulton County, Ohio. 2000 David Nemeth
Wittenberg, Linda The Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program: A Case Study of Three Community Development Corporations Linda McCarthy
Eder, Scott P  Economic Development and Growth Possibilities: the Loss of Primary Industry - A Case Study of Harrison County, Ohio  
Graves, Kenneth  Analysis of Black and Hispanic Population Growth: 1980-1990  
David Kaplan  My Search for William Bunge  
Mohamed, Ruby  A Geographical Analysis of HMOs Relative to Medicare Populations in Ohio William Muraco 
Rasmussen, Jason  A Comprehensive Master Plan for BendView Metropark   
Roberson, Jonathan  Industry and Neighborhoods in Urban Toledo: Analysis of Local Economic Development Options samuel Aryeetey-Attoh
Saad, Tobie  Geography: Undisciplined by Virtue of its Relativism David Nemeth
Smith, Jessica  The applicability of smooth pycnophylactic interpolation to the mapping of tornado frequency   
He, Tiancheng Issues in implementing universal GIS operations Peter Lindquist
Travis, Charles Borderlands: a poetic hermeneutic on the cultural morphology of the Northern Irish landscape David Nemeth 
Waheed, Rehan  Temporal factors in mapping the green experience: a case study of Costa Rica William Muraco
Conteh, Abraham   A Review of Land-banking as a Neighborhood Revitalization Process   
Covrett, Thomas Urban Setting Designations for Portions of the City of Toledo and City of Oregon, Lucas County, Ohio  
Gibbons, Thomas A Sewage System in Sheffield, Ohio: Perceived and Actual Impacts  
Hardy-Johnston, Donna A Planning Assessment of Lucas County's Unmet Preschool Need Among 3 and 4 Year Olds Living in Poverty.  
Schlutt, Christine Exploration of Climatic Change and its Probable Impact on Great Lakes Shipping   
Xia, Zhujing  Spatial Analysis of Producer Services in Northwest Ohio: 1984-1994   
Yoshikawa, Aya  Migration Trends and Patterns in Africa   
Zhang, Huyue   Revitalization Planning of Swan Creek CDD, Toledo  
Avotri, Eric Soil Degradation: Farmer Reaction in Fulton County, Ohio  
Djietror, Godwin Identifying Suitable Sites for Municipal Solid Waste Sanitary Landfills in Lucas County, Ohio : A GIS Application  
Dogoe, Newlove A Land Use Plan for the Dorr Street Corridor of Toledo, Ohio  
Gahagan, Timothy Geographic Trends in Influenza Vaccinations for High Risk Groups in a Temporary Health Clinic Setting  
Gatewood, C. Jane Establishing BUMA as a Key Player in the Efforts to Revitalize Auburndale: A Strategic Plan.  
Fabianczyk-Kosciolek, Kate Inventory and Analysis of Industrial Parks in the Toledo Metropolitan Area. (This thesis received a proclamation from the Mayor of Toledo)  
Majumdar, Debarun The Revitalization of Toledo's Historic Warehouse of Educational Approaches: Background and Progress  
Meabon, Michael  A Study of Ecotourist Satisfaction in Two Protected Zones of Costa Rica  
Mu, Lan Aluminum Can Recycling in MSAs of EPA Region Five  
Reichle, Richard The Effect of Global Restructuring and Federal Housing Policies on State and Local Government Solutions to Spatial Isolation and Housing Discrimination (Honors Thesis).  
Boyer, Denise Floodplain Management Utilizing GIS: A Case Study of Pioneer, Ohio  
Du, Feitian Public Transit Accessibility Analysis: A Case Study of TARTA  
Flaczynski, Greg Residential Developer Location Factors in Las Vegas, Nevada  
Funkhauser, Bradley GIS Applications for a Transit Corridor in Seattle, Washington.  
Gatrell, Jay Revisiting Appalachia: A Case Study of Hancock County, West Virginia  
Grabel, Jennifer A Comprehensive Plan for Swan Creek Township  
Karabulut, Murat An Examination of the Tiffin River Floodplain, Ohio  
Keirsey, Deborah A Pagan in Ireland: Postmodern Deconstruction of Landscape as Text   
MacDonald, Teresa The Influence of Porches on Neighborhood Activity   
Marrero, Grisel  Flood Analysis Using Remote Sensing Satellite Images: Case Study of St. Charles-St. Louis Area, Missouri  
Sambuco, Gina  Locational Determinants of Maquiladoras   
Uken, Jennifer  A Strategic Plan for Residential Neighborhoods Surrounding The University of Toledo  
Ward, Julie  National Geographic Society's Endorsement and Application of Educational Approaches: A Case Study of Explorer's Hall  
Wallace, Allison  The Role of Strategic Master Planning in Revitalizing a Historic Inner-City Neighborhood Center: A Case Study in Cleveland   
Kieffer, Cyril  A Model of Agricultural Hazardous Materials Response Plan  
Liang, Mingquan GIS Applications to Facilities Management Planning  
Meeker, Mary Concentration and Spatial Diffusion of Solar Energy Applications in N.W. Ohio and Southeast Michigan  
Schassberger, Christian A Cartographic Network Analysis of the Fire and Rescue System in Monroe County, Michigan   
Siders, Martha Sanibel Island - 20 years after the plan: The Significance of Sense of Place in the Long Term Planning and Growth Management of a Fragile Island Barrier  
Worso, Patricia The Application of GIS Technology for Disaster Medical Assistance Teams Providing Aid in Response to a Natural Disaster  
Banerjee, Purba An Analysis of Female Migration Patterns in India  
Clark, MaryAnn A Spatial Analysis of Underground Storage Tanks in Fulton County, Ohio  
Cottrell, Lisa Small Town Applications of an Inexpensive GIS: Case Study of Port Clinton  
Dietrich, Matthew The Application of GIS Technology to Emergency Planning for Fixed Site Extremely Hazardous Substance Facilities  
Etchie, Patrick  A Geographic Accident Analysis of U.S. 24.  
Gawronski, Chris  Redefining SEBCOR: Planning an Urban Corridor (Honors Thesis)   
Gee, James  Performance Monitoring of Public Transit Systems   
Haberman, Jerrod  An Impact Assessment and Comparison of Potential Northeast Nebraska Interstate Routes   
Hipple, James Land Use Conversion in the Rural Urban Fringe and Avian Population and Avian Species Richness  
Li, Pengyi  An Analysis of Spatial Discrepancies of Urban Economic Development in the People's Republic of China: 1980-1988  
Pavri, Firooza Land Rent and Market Ramifications in Locational; Aspects of Golf Course Development: Case Study of Michigan's Southern Peninsula  
Petrotte, Eric The Location of the Oil/Water Separator Industry in the United States  
Rajner, Richard Nineteenth Century Irish Settlement in the State of Michigan  
Richards, Gary The Changing Tides of Hungary's Flows (A Communist vs. Post-Communist Analysis)  
Chapman, Thomas Desk-Top GIS for Community Development and Neighborhood Planning: Case Study of the City of Boston's Public Facilities Department  
Goudy, Tonya An Analysis of Transit Services in a Campus Setting: A Case Study of The University of Toledo Transit Services  
Rice, Laura An Analysis of Historic District Potential for Central Grove, Toledo  
Stipp, Christopher  Analysis of Drought Utilizing Wind Sector Modeling  
Warren, Kathleen  Intrametropolitan Variations in Female Employment Growth in the United States, 1970-1990.   
Fournier, Keith  Toledo-Lucas County Urban Land/Structure Reuse: Environmental Impact Analysis and Policy Implications  
Lee, Guet Cheng  Assessment of Public Housing Needs in Singapore: 1985-2005  
Mbobi, Emmanuel A Multispectral Examination of the Buckeye Basin Wetlands  
Sager, Andrew The Curved Bay Folk House: The Life Cycle and Architectural Significance of an Early 20th Century House Design  
Southwick, Stacy Ellen  A case study of Wood County agricultural decision making   
Spinelli, Steven  Historical Geography of Ottawa Hills Village  
Thomas, Jerold  A Comparative Analysis of Urban and Rural Restructuring in Ohio   
Ahlgren, Lynn Analysis of the Functional and Locational Characteristics of Commercial Corridors  
Guest, Doug The Regional Consumption and Price Structure of Automobile Sales  
Peshoff, Bruce Land Use Survey of Solid and Hazardous Waste Storage and Disposal Sites in Lucas County, Ohio   
Rosebrock, Hans Comparative Analysis of Economic and Employment Trends in Ohio Counties 1964-1986  
Voon, Hai Yunn Analysis of Urban Primacy in Malaysia  
Mazur, Tom Economic Impact Analysis of the Toledo Arts Festival  
Murphy, Marilyn Regional Economic Development in Indonesia  
St. John, Lucy A Spatial Analysis of Fulton County Resident's Perceptions Toward Agricultural Land Use  


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