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Why Study History at the University of Toledo?

Historical knowledge is power.
Historical knowledge is powerful currency for the 21st century.  As a student of History, you will learn to consider multiple points of view and changing global contexts.  The purpose of historical inquiry is not simply to present facts but to search for an interpretation of the past. Historians seek to explain how and why change occurs within societies and cultures. We also work to understand the endurance of traditions, the relationships between people and groups in the past, and the origins, evolution, and decline of institutions and ideas. By learning to interpret the past not only will you better understand others around you, but you will also better understand yourself.

History is versatile and an essential part of a college education.
History is one of the most versatile undergraduate majors you can choose because it touches upon all forms of human endeavor from arts and languages to science and economics. History courses form a vital part of a well-rounded undergraduate education that seeks to understand people and ideas from all walks of life.

History prepares you for life and work.
By teaching you how to think critically, write persuasively, consider a problem from multiple perspectives, engage theory, and ask questions, your study of History helps you develop the core intellectual skills that many employers demand and life skills that you need for the modern world.

History is Fun!
History is so much more than memorizing dates and names. It combines the excitement of exploration, detective work, and discovery with learning about people, both famous and ordinary, changing habits, styles, customs, technology, and even weird things. Real History can be stranger than fiction. Do you know about the mammoth cheese? Post-mortem photography?

History at UT.
UT’s History faculty love History!  Our classes explore a variety of human experiences, cultures, and places throughout time. We place a high premium on working with students and seek to deliver a rigorous, challenging, and enjoyable exploration of the past that’s balanced with one-on-one support and mentoring from faculty.

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Last Updated: 5/15/23