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Lorin Lee Cary


Lorin Lee Cary, Professor EmeritusLorin Cary

Lorin Lee Cary taught Labor and Social History at the University of Toledo, wrote historical works and co-authored Slavery In North Carolina, 1748-1776 and No Strength Without Union: An Illustrated History of Ohio Workers, 1803-1980. Both won awards. His articles appeared in various journals, including Labor History. He also served as a Fulbright Senior Scholar at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. Now he creates fictional cause and effect relationships. The Custer Conspiracy, a humorous historical novel set in the present, is one result; another is California Dreaming, a meta fiction novella. Short stories and flash fiction pieces have appeared in Impspired, Torrid Literature, Cigale Literary Magazine, decomP magazinE, Lit.cat and Short Story, as well in some now defunct journals. (He did not cause their demise.) Other fiction is being considered by overworked editors. My Good Fortune recounts the story of a Chinese orphan's successful life after he fled China.  He is also a prize-winning photographer.

Email:  writeoncary@gmail.com

Last Updated: 8/10/21